The educational establishment will offer 20 new places and the initial salary would be 5,045 dollars, according to a notice

The Rio Branco Institute, the diplomats’ training academy in Brazil, has begun to require new diplomats to know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to local reports. The study of this area, as the information shows, is obligatory for new candidates.

The school of International Relations and diplomatic academy located in Brasilia recently included a new requirement in its latest offer for the selection of new diplomats. Candidates to study must have knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the underlying technology of these digital assets.

Currently, all Brazilian diplomatic candidates must pass a test which consists of two phases. As part of the new measure, they will have to demonstrate knowledge about these two disciplines in both stages of study.

According to the information, the institute plans to teach two courses related to this subject. Those courses will focus mainly on the operation of blockchain technology, as well as on the definition and characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

An Attractive Reward

The notice informs that the educational establishment will offer 20 new places and that the initial salary will be 5,045 dollars. This is an incentive to prepare and study about cryptocurrencies to enter to the Rio Branco Institute.

Last June, different Brazilian government and financial authorities came together to develop a regulatory framework model which proposed that new technologies, such as blockchain, would allow different sectors to adapt to digital transformation.

In addition, the Brazilian government announced it will study a bill that forces all units of local public administrations to promote new technologies, including blockchain.

If approved, the bill will require that the divisions of the federal and state governments apply emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), in order to improve public services.

Adopting Blockchain

Brazil is one of the countries that has opened the doors to cryptocurrencies. Due to this, it is important that governors, diplomats and other officials and representatives of the national economic sector get involved with cryptoactives mining process and the transactions made with them.

In mid-June, the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) published new rules that require cryptocurrency exchanges to inform the regulator about users’ transactions, in order to identify tax fraud.

Another step taken by Brazil is using blockchain technology in the registry control of companies. The intention is to take care of the information and registration of all its companies, keep a better record of the institutions and associations which “make life” in the country, update specific data, among other pieces of information of value for the fiscal entity.

Currently, Brazilian institutions are making efforts to promote a regulatory framework that benefits users and all the industry. The idea is to face the user’s needs but also to avoid scams and other types of crimes.

The Rio Branco Institute was created in 1945 to offer advanced courses for diplomats. Since 1946, the institute is responsible for the selection and training of career diplomats of the Brazilian State. The entrance in the institute is possible by public contest.

To enter the institute, applicants must participate in the public contest that now requires knowledge about blockchain. The goal is to continue preparing diplomats for the responsible use of new technologies.

By María Rodríguez


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