In the crypto-world, there are devices to process nodes of Bitcoin, in addition to protecting vital information for blockchain users.

Recently, the phone manufacturer HTC launched a new mobile phone with the ability to process up to a full bitcoin node (BTC). Previously, the manufacturer would have launched phones which were classified as “blockchain mobiles”, but these devices would not have had the ability to support a full bitcoin node.

The news was known when the renowned manufacturer of Taiwanese origin participated in a meeting about Lightning held in Berlin. Recently, the company said its new device would have enough power to run a bitcoin node. In this way, the smartphone could allow the user to execute crypto-transactions and blockchain operations from anywhere in the world.

Referring to this main feature, the Director of the decentralized office of HTC, Phil Chen, commented that performing this operation is the most important thing a blockchain device can do, and that with this blockchain platform, anyone would have access to this technology.

“Full nodes are the most important ingredient in the bitcoin network’s resistance and we have reduced the entry barrier so that anyone can run a node”, Chen said.

The new Exodus 1s device results to be one of the most attractive on the market for crypto technology lovers. According to reports of different local media, the cost of the smartphone is around US $ 244.

With respect to the memory capacity necessary for the device to operate with the bitcoin ledger, the capacity of the phone can be expanded to 400 Gb, which would help support the BTC backup. It is known that currently the capacity needed to contain the BTC ledger is close to 250 GB of memory.

During the presentation of the mobile phone, the company recommended using WiFi network for bitcoin node processing. Among the main features of the new Exodus 1s device is that it could help cryptocurrency enthusiasts to process a hardware wallet so that users can store, manage and transfer the digital currencies. This way, the user can transfer the assets he is acquiring safely and from anywhere.

In addition, Chen specified that the default processing capacity of the phone will be 4 Gb RAM, and with an Android Oreo 8.1 operating system. He also said that they are currently developing tools that will be useful for financial processing. These tools will be done in the future with the device. Phil Chen also compared the phone with a financial institution.

“We are providing the tools to access universal basic finance; the tools to have a metaphorical Swiss bank in your pocket”, the director of the decentralized office of HTC concluded.

Finally, it was known that the HTC phone will be available in more than 27 countries, including countries in Europe and part of the Middle East. The device is not the first one in a series of blockchain mobiles, but it turns out to be the one with more capacity to handle the information of the users who make negotiations with cryptocurrencies and blockchain managements.

By María Rodríguez


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