The animated shorts have the purpose of educating people about the most private cryptocurrency. The four published chapters address different topics without any relation to each other.

The independent task force, Monero Outreach, recently launched Monero TV, a service dedicated to the dissemination of news and the creation of content related to the cryptocurrency focused on privacy. The first products are already popular in the community, and its creation marks the intention to show some reference to the animated shorts of “Love, Death & Robots” that last year stood out among all the Netflix content.

The Monero (XMR) community often creates and releases new content to educate people about the most private cryptocurrency in the ecosystem and presented Monero TV as a new endeavor. So far, four episodes with different animation methods make up the published shorts, barely a minute and a half long.

Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series served as an inspiration source for the creators of Monero TV in the style of producing a collection of animated shorts to address different themes, without any relationship to each other or sequence.

The first chapter of the mini-series is titled “Word on the street” and relates to the growing dominance of XMR in the dark web market. One of the developers of the Bitcoin Samurai Wallet, the “Wallet Guy” is the voice of an animated character with a ninja suit.

“Who is grateful for today, anyway?” is the title of the second episode in which writer Nick Carter voices an animated fox, similar to the Firefox search engine logo, to tell a brief history of Monero.

In the third episode, an animated alien lingers at the US Internal Revenue Service, which recently announced a $ 1.25 million reward for anyone who can crack Monero. According to the description of the chapter, the intention of the body to “break” the technology that allows the cryptocurrency to be untraceable, was a behavior that angered the advanced civilization that sent the private cryptocurrency to earth.

The fourth episode saw its premiere two days ago, highlights the privacy of cryptocurrency, which is useful for everyone in the world at a certain time. “Maybe you need Monero” is the title of the episode that at a minute and a half exposes that the privacy that XMR offers is not a crime and invites you to learn more about its qualities and benefits.

Monero and its creative audiovisual content

Last month, the Monero community released a documentary called “Safe Mode of Sound Money.” In this audiovisual material, the independent consultant for cryptocurrency projects Daniel Kim delves into the strengths and weaknesses of Bitcoin, the dollar, and XMR in the face of the global economic crisis due to coronavirus.

A film released in April reached number 1 at the United States box office. The documentary focused on raising awareness about the rights of digital and financial privacy. The topic that makes a more relevant emphasis the most was that about cryptocurrencies and how their protection structures are relevant to those who value their privacy.

By: Jenson Nuñez.




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