A British court will have to decide on a complaint, with a stake of almost 10 billion pounds.

The Bloomberg article from January 13 reviews the alliance between two personalities, with a rather sulphurous past, who attack each other on the main cryptocurrency exchanges.

If there were a significant event to start the story, then the latter would begin in May 2022, when the company BSV Claims Ltd. was incorporated to an address in the East End of London.

Although Calvin Ayre’s name does not appear in official company documents, the Canadian finances the company. This Canadian businessman wants to tackle the major cryptocurrency exchanges, which have dared to remove Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) from Craig Wright’s list.

Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright: A Winding Road

Calvin Ayre is an online gambling mogul, considered a crypto evangelist by some observers. The course of the entrepreneur is marked, among other things, by fights with regulators and justice.

For two decades, Ayre was banned from the Vancouver Stock Exchange, for alleged insider trading. Subsequently, he founded the online gambling platform Bodog, which would have made him a billionaire. At the time when the company was booming, Calvin Ayre got into trouble with the American courts, because online gambling was then still illegal.

The US government charged him with running an illegal sports betting business and conspiring to launder money. Ayre pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation. He also had to pay a $500,000 fine.

In the cryptosphere, Calvin Ayre worked with Craig Wright for years. The Australian computer scientist has repeatedly claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, without being able to provide evidence for his claims.

Almost £10 Billion Lawsuit Against Binance and other Crypto Exchanges

BSV Claims Limited was founded to bring a £9.9 billion Class Action Lawsuit, on behalf of 243,000 people, against four of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance. The plaintiffs accuse them of being responsible for the losses suffered by Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) investors.

Three other cryptocurrency exchanges, including Kraken, removed BSV from their platform, shortly after Changpeng Zhao’s post claiming that “Craig Wright is not Satoshi”. Most recently, in December, Bitfinex delisted BSV, after a token listing ratings review.

Anti-Competitive Practices and Cryptocurrencies: A First in the UK

Calvin Ayre wants to attack the wallets of the major crypto exchanges. A spokesperson for the contractor called these BSV withdrawals “anti-competitive practices in violation of competition law.”

Law firm Crowell & Moring said it would be the first time a UK court would take up a charge of anti-competitive practices relating to digital assets if the Competition Appeal Tribunal – the Competition Appeal Tribunal – found this claim admissible.

Craig Wright is used to rather mocking complaints, sometimes dreaming of billions of dollars obtained thanks to a court decision. Calvin Ayre seems to have followed suit, attacking Binance and other crypto exchanges that took BSV down.

By Audy Castaneda


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