Azure users will be able to create blockchain applications “in a few clicks” and avoiding losses of money

The technology giant Microsoft Corporation launched its Azure Blockchain self-management service, which will be a space for corporate users to develop decentralized applications efficiently and safely, even if they have much or little knowledge in the area.

The company founded by Bill Gates recently gave the information through a press release. In the publication it is detailed that, with this new tool, users will be able to create blockchain applications in a preconfigured network and “in just a few clicks”.

According to Frank Shaw, Director of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, Azure Blockchain, the new platform Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) will allow users to simplify “the creation, management and governance of the chain of blocks of the consortium”.

Alliance with JP Morgan

The important media The Wall Street Journal detailed that the financial company JP Morgan will use the services of Microsoft Azure to promote its blockchain platform based on Ethereum. In this way, Quorum is the first platform based on blockchain technology available through Azure.

Peggy Johnson, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Microsoft, said: “As digital transformation extends beyond an individual organization, companies need solutions that enable them to securely share their business and data processes to drive new business models and reinvent industries. We are delighted to partner with a leader such as JP Morgan to establish a base for companies and partners, and build blockchain networks”.

Microsoft and JP Morgan also agreed to continue working in the near future to solve common problems in the corporate sector, as well as to respond to developers and independent software providers for the creation of blockchain apps in Quorum through Azure. In this sense, Microsoft will offer its engineering knowledge and support for Quorum.

Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, said that the decision to partner with JP Morgan is because Quorum is based on a popular protocol which offers confidential transactions to customers and allows the creation of trusted applications.

Permanent Development

In May 2018, Microsoft launched the Azure Blockchain Workbench, a platform also designed to automate aspects of work related to blockchain technology, in this case, to accelerate and improve the development of blockchain applications, providing a simple infrastructure for developers.

Microsoft has tested Workbench with important clients that have adopted or are adopting blockchain, such as Hapoalim Bank in Israel, which uses the tool to simplify the manual process of issuing guarantees for real estate acquisitions. Nestlé, in Italy, also partnered with Microsoft Digital to pilot a traceability solution for Bacio Perugina.

In the United States, Apttus, a company that automates business, uses Workbench to help banks and asset managers quickly deploy smart contracts. Similarly, in October 2018, Nasdaq integrated Azure technology into its financial framework by allying with Microsoft in order to accelerate its business transactions.

Since the aforementioned companies made said alliance, good references and expectations have been made. Corporate customers who decide to use the Microsoft service, backed by JP Morgan, will have the possibility to boost their blockchain networks quickly, without spending a lot of money. The advantages will make grow the customers list.

By María Rodríguez


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