Miami Major said that the US has unlimited nuclear power that can be useful to mine bitcoin. Hydrogen will also be helpful as a technological tool that will empower bitcoin mining shortly.

The United States should upgrade its bitcoins mining to improve its national security. This recommendation happens because 90% of the activity takes place outside the country, according to the mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez.

Suárez made this statement during an interview through YouTube granted this March 26, 2021, to the journalist Laura Shin, a crypto-specialist. Suarez argued that the country’s leading the high mining rate use dirty energy, and the United States has the key to change such actions against the environment.

Suarez also said that a higher level of mining in the United States would bring many advantages to the country’s cryptocurrency community. The Major considers that the United States, with the city of Miami as a leader, can be a mining center due to sufficient renewable resources.

Suarez Says The Environmental Impact of Cryptocurrency Mining will be a Thing of the Past

During the conversation, Suárez showed a lot of optimism regarding the possible negative environmental impacts caused by cryptocurrency mining. In Suarez’s view, this will be a thing of the past as new technology will rise to cover every energetic need:

“I also think that you are going to see solar technology and other clean technologies like hydrogen as a tool that empowers mining. So I think that clean technology is going to make mining more efficient, less expensive, and less energy consumption.”

The mayor of Miami also said that he hoped to make this city the world’s cryptocurrency capital. Suarez administration’s first step was to tour the United States to learn what cryptocurrency-friendly laws are.

The Major also said that he discovered that one of the friendliest states was Wyoming; its laws were copied and tried to improve them. This panorama led to him submitting a bill to the County Commission and the Senate to pave the way for the governor’s approval. This decision would make Florida the most crypto-friendly state.

Suárez recalled that a resolution is under implementation in Miami, which will allow employees to receive a salary in bitcoins. They will also explore the chances of setting investments in cryptocurrency. They think that cryptocurrencies are the future’s new wave.

Central and Regional Governments Join Efforts to Work with Cryptocurrencies

Regarding the chances that central and regional governments would join efforts to interact in handling cryptocurrencies, Suarez said that he hopes there will be a positive response to this new rise.

“I think one of them will be the eradication of deficit spending where governments will now have to tie their decisions to a cryptocurrency rather than the other way around. So they’re going to have to borrow money like everyone else does because they can’t just print their own money, “he said.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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