Blockchain technology would be a tool to have a more transparent public power and avoid crimes that affect different countries.

Mexican lawmakers proposed using blockchain technology to solve a problem that causes huge losses: fuel theft.

Only in 2015, about 2,813 clandestine fuel intakes were detected, an amount that by 2012 was only 620, according to Pemex figures.

A report recently published by BBC indicates that in the most sophisticated operations it is possible to extract gasoline in just seven minutes, and earn about USD 90.000.

Also known as “petro-piracy”, it is estimated that this illegal activity will generate some 133 billion dollars per year.

In this regard, during the forum “New technologies and their effect on the government and the population”, sponsored by the Chamber of Congressmen of Mexico, lawmakers proposed to use blockchain technology to counteract the theft of fuel in the Aztec country.

This idea seeks to achieve two objectives simultaneously: to reduce the cases of fuel theft and boost the use of new technologies to have a more transparent public power.

Deputy Rocío Barrera Badillo, President of the Government and Population Commission, made the proposal.

Barrera said that the implementation of new technologies in the government sector should be used daily to simplify the relationship with citizens, act with transparency and gain space in the security area.

“Not every technological innovation implies large investments. The schemes that take advantage of current encryption technologies are much more secure and transparent”, he said.

The legislator talked about the illegal extraction of gasoline from distribution pipelines and their subsequent smuggling. “For example, blockchain technology would make the fuel route traceable and would be a great tool in the fight against fuel theft. This would bring simplification, reliability, accessibility and safety”.

Finally, the congressman referred to the fast advance of technology in general and the delays that arise to update legislation.

He indicated that it is necessary to establish flexible legal structures adapted to the speed and evolution of technology to reduce the digital divide. “The law cannot be far away of a society in constant evolution, its early application is key before it becomes obsolete”, he said.

Blockchain Use Grows

José Rodríguez, Director of Blockchain Land and Talent Land, was one of the panelists invited to the forum. He talked about the growth of bitcoin as a financial platform and the use of blockchain technology, its associated technology, and its different uses.

The objective is that legislators have clearer ideas about how blockchain could make government processes more efficient and transparent, so that in the future they can legislate in that issue.

During his presentation, called “Bitcoin and Blockchain connecting the world financially”, Rodriguez indicated that new technologies help minimize corruption and money laundering.

“The technology that makes you have the money in a few seconds is an ideal tool for the misuse of money (…) Bitcoin is the only financial system, money and monetary system that in the 10 years and seven months that it has been working has not been possible to counterfeit, it is the only currency that could not be corrupted”, he said.

This is how the use of blockchain begins to be considered not only for different processes of government entities, but also to stop with a crime that affects the profits of the State and the economy of its citizens.

By María Rodríguez


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