The company’s idea is to increase security and transparency with its suppliers, to implement a stronger process

One of the most important automobile companies in Germany, Daimler Financial Services AG, responsible for the prestigious Mercedes Benz brand, recently published that they have made important efforts in order to implement blockchain technology to improve, optimize and maintain their processes in the different chains of supply.

According to recent press releases, on February 25th it was known that the multinational German vehicle brand would have made an important alliance with the blockchain solutions company and smart contract management service provider, Icertis. Their main objective is to create the right platform to manage complex processes in the company’s supply chains.

Among the main features of the platform created for the automobile company is managing information intelligently, as well as storing documents and contracts vital to its supply chain and suppliers. It is expected that very soon the platform tests will begin in a pilot mode to establish the correct and proper functioning of the blockchain platform.

With the creation of this important technological tool, the main interest of Daimler Financial Services AG is to generate a special template in which the clauses of the contracts are specified to the different suppliers, in order to create a complete file of transactions.

This seeks to standardize hiring practices together with all the minimum requirements set by the company, which hopes to support its future hiring through this platform and adhere to a traceable and verifiable system in which all members can access the network information organized on the blockchain platform.

According to the press report, for the multinational this represents a tool that will provide the security and development found in its vision of growth. The prototype that the company hopes to implement will improve and simplify the procedures when making a purchase, and will also generate greater trust among those involved.

The central idea is to transmit and share information only with authorized personnel, in order to develop the purchase without the risk of leaking any relevant data, which will shield the transactions with its partners.

The company explained that if some of its partners deviate from the contract clauses, the system would put it in evidence, to provide a higher index of security and reach the objective of a stronger protection.

Wilko Stark, member of the Divisions Administration team of Mercedes-Benz Cars, highlighted that the project has a good acceptance among the company’s high command and stressed that blockchain technology has great potential to boost the trust between the company and suppliers.

“Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. With our blockchain prototype, we are in the first step testing one of the various possible applications with the aim of increasing transparency beyond our direct suppliers”, he said.

Despite the recent press report, many details of the project are still unknown. However, it is expected that after the pilot tests are completed, more details about the technological tool will be given.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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