The Mary update on Cardano’s mainnet will finally turn the Blockchain into a multi-asset network.

IOHK CEO and Cardano Lead Developer Charles Hoskinson reported yesterday that the long-awaited “Mary” hard fork (large-scale update for the network) already has a release date.

Hoskinson shared the information in a broadcast via YouTube, where the programmer stated that the Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event would occur on March 1. The update relates to implementing the “Era of Goguen” and would add new features to the protocol to bring more versatility in supporting new digital assets.

Hoskinson explained that HFC would likely clear all developer and quality assurance checks by February 24. Then the actual event will happen in 5 days of its initial activation, the first day of March.

“We’ve been testing it for almost a month on the test net. It looks good. The exchanges are happy,” said the founder of Cardano, adding that everything is at its right place and waiting for the event.

Cardano Mainnet Update is Coming in March

On February 3, Cardano’s development company, IOHK, successfully carried out a hard fork. It also applied the Goguen native token update (known as the Mary update) to Cardano’s testnet, which turns the Blockchain into a multi-asset network that shows many similarities with Ethereum.

This event means that users will finally gain access to create their tokens, fungible or non-fungible (NFT). This development will be available for the first time within the Cardano Blockchain.

Hoskinson further added that if the first deadline cannot be met (February 24), the next date would be March 1 to deploy the Mary update. It is essential to consider that it will take another two weeks before the multi-asset interface integrates into the Daedalus leading network.

Cardano, the Ultimate Multi-asset Network

Among the announcements the founder of Cardano made, he highlighted that IOHK would launch the “Pioneers of Plutus” program in the coming weeks. This program shares many similarities with the “Pioneers of Stake Pool” that guided the current Shelley era’s transition through a test. The team is looking for people to create a team that can test the first Plutus test net and writes the Plutus code before it happens.

In the words of Cardano: “So if you are studying Plutus, if you are a Haskell developer or functional programmer who would like to know a little about Plutus, please let us know, we’ll find out what we can do. We may even organize a form of boot camp. “

About five months ago, Cardano published its Goguen roadmap, with the release of most of the developments in late February 2021. According to the initial timeline, native tokens were an expectation on the mainnet. If the recent updates come to be accurate, it seems that Cardano will deliver Goguen without any obstacle.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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