Artificial Intelligence (AI) will allow having a personalized service during the attention of users, as well as collecting suggestions and avoiding millionaire losses of money per year

The US technology giant IBM and the Chinese computer manufacturer PC Lenovo partnered to work on a project which would allow the use of blockchain technology, in order to improve the quality of customer service in that Asian company, which seeks to adopt this new technology.

The information was given through a press release posted on IBM’s website this week. The official document announces that the US corporation will apply blockchain technology in the customer service processes of Lenovo Data Center Group.

The agreement is part of the relationship that was born in 2005 between both technology development companies. The current idea is to design an efficient system which allows storing the necessary information in order to provide clients with a suitable service and, in this way, avoid losing money.

One antecedent of this initiative is an investigation that IBM conducted about certain buying and selling processes. In its research, IBM found that more than US $ 1 trillion is spent on customer service calls each year. Additionally, this problem is added to the fact that 50% of those calls do not achieve their purpose (to close the sale and provide a better service) or are left without a solution.

Another point that the IBM research highlighted was the poor service provided to clients. Nowadays, inadequate attention costs more than USD $ 75 billion per year, whilst in 2016 the loss amount was about USD $ 13 billion. According to these data, the amounts could be increasing.

Better Attention, More Profits

With the aim to reduce the number of annual losses caused by inadequate user attention, this agreement seeks to improve Lenovo Brands’ customer service experience, using a virtual assistant.

Knowing the user’s necessary information according to each case is vital. As it is explained in the publication, the Virtual Assistant for IBM Technical Support puts into operation its natural language skills and its contextual recognition to personalize the conversation with users.

When a customer connects with an agent for Lenovo’s server, storage, or network services, the assistant can ask specific questions about service issues to get pieces of advice solutions provided. In this way, the assistant will have access to the client’s key information.

“Data can have an unprecedented impact on the company, and artificial intelligence can take customer service to a whole new level of customization. This global collaboration with Lenovo strengthens our long-standing relationship and will help train technicians from all corners of the world to work with excellence, using the power of blockchain technology and also the power of cognitive computing”, explains Vivek Mahajan, General Manager of IBM Technology Support and Services.

IBM highlights that the implementation of blockchain technology will help create a secure and transparent environment in which the purchase and distribution of software and hardware from Lenovo centers can be processed and monitored.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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