Ethereum (ETH) ERC-20 tokens are arguably the most popular, numerous, and widespread tokens in the cryptocurrency space. However, enjoying them would not be possible without a proper ecosystem or infrastructure: in other words, they would not exist if it were not for cryptocurrency management software.

Regarding that, the France-based hardware wallets manufacturer Ledger announced this week that Ledger Live, the firm’s crypto management software, will now offer support for Ethereum ERC-20 tokens.

The Update Has Already Been Released

Ledger stated that the version 1.14.0 of the Ledger Live software will now support more than 1,250 Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, with an update already released and made available for desktop and mobile versions of the mentioned software.

“Our latest version of the application, Ledger Live v.1.14.0, will support 22 coins and an extensive list of ERC-20 tokens. It will also give users the ability to manage a wide array of different crypto assets in real-time, while letting them send and receive coins from their mobile and desktop devices all through a single app without ever compromising control of private keys,” the company stated.

The added support for so many crypto assets is sure to help Ledger Live cement its place among the market leaders when it comes to crypto management software.

The Ledger Live application lets users from all the firm’s hardware wallets, such as Ledger X or Ledger Nano S, to administrate their crypto assets and devices. The brand is very widespread and used in several locations around the planet.

Storing Crypto Assets Securely

Ledger explained that “it’s our mission to ensure that everyone who owns crypto can store their assets securely through the most advanced security technology on the market. We’ve heard what our community has asked for. We’ve been taking time to develop the mobile app, improving the interface and usability while feeding the appetite for more coins on the platform.”

Ledger made another promise that is sure to sound like music to clients’ ears: the firm is planning to add support for more digital assets in the future; although it is not yet clear if there are going to be more announcements for the remainder of the year.

“While the ERC-20 token integration has brought a plethora of new cryptocurrencies to Ledger Live, we still aim to add even more crypto assets to the platform,” the enterprise wrote in the mentioned blog post.

Pointing Fingers At a Rival

A specialized crypto news site recently reported that Ledger revealed several critical vulnerabilities in Trezor devices earlier in 2019. Trezor is one of Ledger’s competitors in the field, and is based in Prague (Czech Republic.)

However, the Czech firm replied to Ledger’s report by saying that neither one of those alleged vulnerabilities is considered critical and implied that customers and users should not have anything to worry about.

By Andres Chavez


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