Satoshi Meetup in Venezuela is a non-profit educational event aimed at familiarizing people with Bitcoin. The event is supported by Samourai Wallet, Blockstream and other companies from the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining relevance in Venezuela in recent years. There is an increasing number of Venezuelans interested in this technology, which has shown great potential to cope with the current hyperinflation in the country.

Satoshi seeks to familiarize Venezuelans with Bitcoin by offering a meetup exclusively dedicated to this cryptocurrency. This free event will be addressed to all those who are interested in learning more about it.

Satoshi’s main objective is that people think about Bitcoin before other cryptocurrencies. The organizers of the event seek to promote the critical knowledge of cryptocurrencies so that Venezuelans are able to judge their own financial decisions, having all the information that is required.

The idea is that participants know the underlying reasons for the creation of Bitcoin and its importance above the fever for the blockchain technology, among other subjects. The organizers also want to offer basic tools that will allow participants to seek information and research on Bitcoin on their own.

First Satoshi Meetup in Venezuela

Despite starting from a clear idea, the organizers say that participants should be skeptical about the credibility of their words. They expect those who participate in the meetup to be curious, doubt and research by themselves every day.

The first Satoshi event in Venezuela will be held on October 5th, 2019, in the We Connect spaces at the Lido Shopping Center, in Caracas. The host of the event will be Javier Bastardo, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and is a specialist in Bitcoin and its technology.

Besides providing information and sharing knowledge, the organizers seek to offer useful sources and tools to fully enter the largest cryptocurrency market, created by Satoshi Nakamoto. This Satoshi meetup proposes a series of pedagogical-philosophical meetings focused on Bitcoin.

One of the premises of the event is that, despite the more than 2,540 options available in the market, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that could be considered a hard currency. The objective of this event is not to raise funds but to show how Bitcoin can become a useful option in Venezuelans’ daily lives.

Even though the organizers of this Satoshi meetup expect to have a large audience, they warn that they have a limited capacity, with a maximum capacity of about 60 people. Consequently, those who are interested should check the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the event to know how to obtain the tickets.

Sponsors of the Event

Among its sponsors, the Satoshi meetup in Venezuela has the support of CSO of the renowned company Blockstream, Samsom Mow, who was subsequently joined by CryptoBrekkie, of Block26.

Other supporters of the event are the Ledn Bitcoin loan platform, Francis Pouliot, Bull Bitcoin and Panda Group. Additionally, the team of Samourai Wallet has not only contributed resources but also gave their recognition to the organizers and arranged to share information about transactions without the use of the Internet or electricity.

The organizers comment that Bitcoin is not the definitive solution but they establish that it is the option that has the best features to be a good tool.

By Willmen Blanco


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