Bitcoin mining can be conducted using wind power, according to the Layer1 project.

Due to the computer complexity and computational force that is required for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, crypto-miners use specialized machines that help processing these digital assets. This process requires large amounts of energy, as well as managing operations and executing transactions with these assets requires energy too.

It is for this reason that companies like Layer1 are in the task of developing solutions to the big problems that Bitcoin mining could imply, developing tools that allow the use of renewable energies, taking wind energy as the central point.

It was known that the company already has the goal set to put into operation a system that allows the function of Bitcoin mining, using energy from this renewable source by mid-2020.

The installation of this system will take place in West Texas, in the United States, where the company managed to raise the money they would use for the assembly and development of the project. It was known that approximately 20 million dollars were needed to create the solution.

The company explained, through some reports, that using this energy for mining does not mean that it will only be used for this purpose. That is, the intention will not be to divert all the energy produced by the wind fields for the BTC mining. Layer1 commented that there are more important uses for that renewable energy.

“Renewable energies remain fundamentally under-utilized. Hence, they are not really a zero-sum game”, said spokesmen for Layer1.

This means that the use of this energy source for BTC mining will not be diverted from its actual uses. Thanks to the tool that Layer1 has developed, energy generation levels can be maximized by increasing its capacity and enhancing the crypto business.

Bitcoin mining requires large amounts of energy, it is for this reason that initiatives such as Layer1 will boost the sector and also allow the use of sustainable energy, supporting the preservation of the environment and helping to develop new alternatives for power generation, and using new forms of technology.

The Expensive Centralization of Bitcoin

Among the crypto world there is the common practice of asset mining. In the case of Bitcoin, it is one of the digital currencies with the highest mining volume in the whole world. And although this implies a growth in the crypto-market, the use of large mining machines for this process translates into huge amounts of energy.

Bitcoin requires large amounts of energy due to the complexity of its programming. It is for this reason that other mining systems with other cryptocurrencies have emerged. But, however, they have not had the same success and weight in the community as BTC mining.

Now, some companies are trying different alternatives to generate electricity with the aim to mine more cryptocurrencies without affecting other fields that require renewable energies. The idea is to potentiate and increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

By María Rodríguez


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