Find which stores and how to buy your perfect gifts for this Christmas season using BTC

In this Christmas season, it is important to take advantage of the offers that may arise when buying the ideal gifts. But, with the idea to know in which stores or what gift it would be perfect to buy using bitcoins as a payment method, this article will help you know which website you could use to buy the gift of your choice this Christmas.

1. Overstock, The Virtual Store of Toys for Children

Among one of the main chains specialized in the sale of toys for children, as well as other services for the little ones, is Overstock. In this store, you can discover a wide variety of toys aimed at children of all ages.

It is known that the chain has been one of the first ones to implement the payment method with cryptocurrencies and that it also has a shipping service for its products which covers almost any country in the world. Although toys are its specialty, this product catalog also includes household items such as furniture, even male and female clothes, among some other things.

 2. Crypto-Gifts Purchased with Cryptocurrencies

Another good option could be to buy items that can help the cryptocurrency enthusiast improve their finances or their activities with blockchain technology.

The Cryptofits website offers a wide variety of products that are related to the world of cryptocurrencies and its ecosystem. Among them, the most popular articles are flannels with logos alluding to cryptocurrencies, as well as caps, socks, and even bath towels. Another great advantage of this website is that they have an extensive shipping service to anywhere in the world without having an additional charge.

In another sense, if the buyer wants to acquire some hardware or everything necessary in technological accessories for the crypts, he can access specialized pages on these devices such as Trezor and Ledger.

3. The Gift Card, The Most Popular Option

The so-called Gift Cards have become one of the most popular gifts anywhere in the world. Even for those interested in the crypto world who are looking for alternatives to spend their bitcoins. There are currently many options where they can use Gift Cards to purchase products and services, such as Starbucks or the iTunes store.

Some of the websites that accept cryptocurrencies for the purchase of these Gift Cards are Bitrefill, Bidali,, CoinCola, store and eGifter. Gift cards purchased in these virtual stores are allowed on platforms such as Ebay or Amazon.

4. Technology for Crypto-enthusiasts

If you are looking for a laptop, digital camera or smartphone, Newegg could be the perfect page. This platform is one of the pioneers when accepting cryptocurrencies, it also has a wallet that allows the direct purchase of these items.

As another alternative to make purchases within the Amazon catalog is the Purse solution platform. Through this service, you can import some digital catalogs from Amazon. It offers you the option to pay some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Whatever option you are looking for the ideal gift this Christmas, it can be purchased from the cryptocurrency technology market since, although not all stores have the option to pay with this technology, there is a large number of platforms willing to offer the best shopping experience using cryptocurrencies.

By María Rodríguez


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