Argentina’s presidential candidate spoke about inflation, the role of the State and climate change. He stated that his country’s problem is that it embraced socialist ideas for a hundred years. The interview had repercussions ranging from Elon Musk to Michael Saylor.

Argentina’s presidential candidate Javier Milei gave an interview to renowned North American journalist Tucker Carlson and spoke about inflation, the role of the State and climate change, among other topics. The leader of the La Libertad Avanza party, winner of the recent primary elections, expressed confidence ahead of the general elections in October.

Among his most forceful mentions, Milei asserted that in his eventual government there will be no commercial relationship with China. The economist stated that he will not negotiate with communists, among which he included Brazil and Russia. The libertarian is a clear favorite for the elections to be held on the third Sunday of October in the South American country.

Javier Milei’s Highlights in the Interview with Tucker Carlson

Javier Milei is someone who has revolutionized Argentine politics based on ideas that he defines as “libertarian.” His emergence was underestimated and now, with a resounding result in the first electoral round, he has become the rival to beat.

One of the strongest titles that the talk left had to do with a historically important trade partner for Argentina such as Brazil. In that same reflection Milei mentioned another partner, closer in time, such as China.

“Not only am I not going to do business with China, I am not going to do business with any communists. I am a defender of freedom, peace and democracy. The communists don’t go there. The Chinese don’t go in there. Putin doesn’t go in there. Lula doesn’t go in there. We want to be the moral lighthouse of the continent. We want to be defenders of freedom, democracy, diversity. Peace.”

Milei Referred to Inflation, the Pope and even Donald Trump

For Javier Milei, Argentina embraced socialist ideas for a hundred years. This explains its current economic crisis which, among other aspects, is reflected in double-digit monthly inflation.

In another high-impact section, the economist established a point of connection between Pope Francis and the dictators:

“The Pope plays politically; he is a figure with strong political interference. He has also demonstrated a strong affinity with dictators like Castro or Maduro. That is, he is on the side of bloody dictatorships.”

Almost at the end of the talk, he offered some advice to the former president of the United States and again candidate Donald Trump:

“I would tell him to continue his fight against socialism, because he is one of the few who fully understood that the fight is against socialism and the statists. From my small place, the only thing I could say is to redouble my efforts in the same direction of defending the ideas of freedom and not giving a single second of respite to the socialists.”

One of the most recurring projections in Argentina during the days before the election is what will happen with possible demonstrations with Milei’s policies. The candidate said that, if elected president, he will not allow the law to be violated, and that there will be no reason to go out and demonstrate violently. However, if that happens, those who carry out the events will go to jail.

By Audy Castaneda


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