Organizers scheduled the conference for next September 28th. Other crypto-activities are in the same situation.

The global crisis for the spread of lung disease Covid-19, better known as Coronavirus, continues affecting all areas world. The crypto and blockchain technology community does not escape this reality.

In this sense, Japan canceled another meeting of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. This happened after the country determined how dangerous is to hold events during the pandemic.

The TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, held every year in Japan, is one of these activities postponed. One of the most important blockchain and crypto conferences in the country was going to take place from April 22nd to April 23rd. However, the risk due to the exponential growth of the Coronavirus outbreak led organizers to change the date for next September 28th.

A statement released by the conference organizers details the concern they feel for the safety of attendees. In this sense, they are constantly monitoring the development of the disease.

“TEAMZ has been closely monitoring the global development of the Coronavirus. TEAMZ is deeply concerned about the safety and security of those attending the summit, including speakers, attendees, partners, and sponsors”, the statement says.

The Event Will Only Change the Date

Until now, the organization of the event remains the same. Local media detail that the time, place, and what is scheduled will continue on the new date.

The postponed summit is a great meeting point for blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. Besides, it is also aimed at educators, investors, and people interested in the development of these technologies. Organizers estimate that the meeting receives more than 2,000 people from all over the world, making it a valuable event within the community.

So far, the experts that confirmed they will participate in the event range from Dovey Wan, who is a founding partner of Primitive Ventures; Tim Draper, a billionaire investor in bitcoin; Roger Ver, President of; among many others.

Many events affected

The pandemic has canceled many blockchain ​​and cryptocurrencies activities in the world. At the beginning of March, some local media reported the cancellation of the conference “Paris Blockchain Week Summit”. This event would take place next December 9th and 10th.

Similarly, the organizers of the “Bitcoin 2020” event, which was going to be held in San Francisco on March 27th and 28th, suspended the activity. Its organizers have not yet given a specific date to celebrate the event. However, they indicated that it could take place during the middle of the current year.

Another example of this is the TOKEN2049 Conference. This event was going to take place in mid-March in Hong Kong, but it was also canceled and will be rescheduled for next October 2020.

Once the coronavirus pandemic ends, Japan will be prepared for the events that seek to help meet new uses of blockchain technology as well as the way of operating cryptocurrencies in different countries. The crypto-community expects more details in the coming days.

By María Rodríguez


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