The Filecoin mainnet will be tentatively launched next July. The company has developed for almost 4 years since it broke collection records in 2017.

Filecoin, a company dedicated to mass data storage, postponed the launch of its mainnet due to the impact that the coronavirus has had in China, among other reasons.

It was reported to the community that the company, which manages a decentralized network based on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), delayed the launch of the network for the month of July, approximately.

The decision was made after launching phase 1 of the test network last December 11th, to complete the process in January 2020 and immediately launching phase 2. Based on this schedule, the launch of the main network will be announced in March 2020.

The company’s new roadmap shows that phase 2 would be tentatively executed by April 20th and the mainnet would be activated between June 15th and 17th.

The team indicates that they are working hard towards this launch, being committed to the complete and integral development of its protocol. Besides, Filecoin informed in the document that some members of its community have asked for the delay of the process due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Some of the Chinese members have directly requested Filecoin to postpone launching phase 2 of the test network for at least two or three weeks until they can return safely to their work. The company hopes that this 6-week delay will allow enough time for the situation to improve in China and for the entire community at the global level to participate in the network without compromising their health.

According to the team, the company also attributed the delay to the need for additional time to complete the development of the protocol, as well as cross-implementation interoperability, internal security audit and the refinement of “crypto-economic constructions”. However,   it is mentioned in the media that the developers have made a series of changes in the network since they began testing the efforts last December.

The Filecoin project has undergone a long development process, after reaching popularity by raising USD 252 million in an initial coin offer (ICO), which became one of the largest fundraising events of 2017. Almost 4 years after that, they are approaching the launch of the first test network of a platform designed to provide mass data storage services.

The current delay has led the company to join the growing tendency of some companies to postpone launches or advances in their operations as a result of the coronavirus, an epidemic that has surprisingly affected hundreds of people in several countries of the world.

With that, it is made clear that the impact of the virus worldwide has reached many companies, including those in the cryptocurrency sector. Companies in the ecosystem, such as Binance and Huobi, have been lending their support to the fight against the coronavirus, through donations to the city of Wuhan, in China, where the outbreak had its origin.

By Alexander Salazar


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