The trader and economist Pablo Gil suggested cryptocurrency users study the projects behind the issuance of cryptoassets. “If you buy with the argument that a cryptocurrency goes up, the day it goes down significantly, you will be one of those who sell,” said the trader and economist, adding that “you should look for an exchange in your language and regulated, with 24/7 attention to the client, as is the case of Bit2Me.”

In an interview with a media outlet, the trader and economist, Pablo Gil, explained that, regardless of what is studied, people have the obligation to understand “what they are getting into.” The trader suggested to those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, “first find out what blockchain really is.”

The renowned trader and economist pointed out that the bases for a good trading education begin with prior information before investing in any crypto asset. He invited cryptocurrency enthusiasts to learn about the projects behind digital assets and access the training that exists on the web.

Pablo Gil: “It is Recommended to Study the Projects behind Cryptocurrencies”

For Pablo Gil, studying “is not educating yourself”, but studying continuously with an inquisitive mind, since this will allow for better understanding of how difficult things can be. He admitted that with cryptocurrencies it is a similar process, where it is necessary to have the concern to “understand better” and have a solid foundation.

Gil highlighted that the “attitude of learning every day is what matters,” more than what a person studies. He recalled that knowledge about cryptocurrencies can be acquired on sites such as Bit2Me, masterminds, or on the Internet. He recommended not being “one more” of those who follow the trend, or those who only hope for a return.

The expert shared his own personal experience in the following terms:

“When the futures market was going to be launched in Spain, I discovered that technical analysis had a lot of prestige in the United States and in 2000 the opportunity arose to be a partner with BBVA and set up the first Hedge Fund with Spanish regulation. We started with 40 million dollars and grew to more than 500 million dollars. Since 2013 I discovered the retail world.”

Cryptocurrency trading has been on the rise, even before the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). BeInCrypto reported that trading volumes on centralized exchanges increased 10.4% from December 2023 to a 12-month high of more than $800 billion in January.

What Should a Beginner Do Before They Decide to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

According to Gil, “you have to seek the greatest possible security, knowing that it is legal, compliance, and the commitment that the site where you open your account makes to protect you as a client. There is a harmful current on the Internet, in trading where people think that money is lost because the broker is very expensive.”

The expert pointed out that “If you lose money in the market, it is not because the commission is a little more expensive than that of another broker, you lose money because you do not know how to trade and you do not know how to invest, you have not been trained. They maintain that it may be very cheap, even if the company is in Cyprus or in a tax haven. The day you want to claim your money, they will not answer the phone.”

In Gil’s view, when investors understand that the conditions themselves are not so relevant to the final result, there is no doubt that they have to look for a place that is trustworthy and will not scam them, for example, regulated brokers in Spain.

By Leonardo Perez


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