The multinational company hopes to expand teaching methods using digital alternatives.

The renowned multinational company IBM launched a new technological platform to learn about Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cybersecurity. Open P-TECH is an online learning platform that makes various pedagogical alternatives available to users. In this way. They could learn more about the latest in global technology.

The new learning tool seeks to train users to new future challenges, which include 4.0 technology and digital financial alternatives. The platform also hopes to involve most of the Latin American communities, among others.

Spokespersons of the multinational announced the launch of the platform that will include versions in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. The announced was made during the company’s annual conference, called IBM Think, which was held virtually this year.

Open P-TECH will be a new educational space aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 20. The platform will also include adaptable tools for educators and teachers who need to refresh their knowledge of the mentioned areas. In this way, the platform offers various courses related to new technologies and their applications to current life and in the future.

Arvind Krishna, IBM Executive President, commented that the coronavirus quarantine can become a trigger for major technological changes worldwide. For this reason, the company considers that it is necessary to offer excellent educational alternatives that are responsible for training the youngest.

“As the pandemic accelerates digital transformation, new ways of learning must keep pace if we are to equip all young people with skills relevant to the digital era and marketplace”, the Executive President said.

The platform offers young people new ways to share badges or certification documents on social networks for professionals who are looking for future jobs, adapting their curriculum to new work alternatives. On the other hand, educators could find a new way to connect with their students and take ideas that can expand their knowledge or teaching classes.

P-TECH is an educational platform that IBM recently launched. This tool seeks to impart the latest in global technology systems. Launched in 2011, it currently manages to include 220 schools, with more than 150,000 students in 24 countries around the world.

This new adaptation to digital spaces hopes to expand the educational range and reach many more students, which would help strengthen economic aspects in countries with more vulnerable communities, the company said.

The statement mentions that it is the company’s responsibility to carry out the work of preparing new generations for the technological changes that will be part of the jobs in the future.

“IBM believes that companies bringing advanced technologies to market have a responsibility to prepare students and workers for the way those technologies will shape jobs and the nature of our work. Innovation should unlock opportunities to make our workforce more inclusive, not less”, IBM newsroom details.

This would be another opportunity to boost the adoption of blockchain technology as one of the current and most important new technologies in the world.

By María Rodríguez


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