The global tech giant IBM, loyal to its blockchain-friendly style, keeps finding immense success whilst experimenting with the technology. It is known for some of its ventures, such as the IBM Food Trust, that can make a true difference in several departments.

Now, IBM will release a security testing tool for blockchain takers at the enterprise level. The company’s Security team of offensive security experts, X-Force Red, announced this week, on Wednesday, March 6th, the creation of the tool, with the objective of identifying possible weaknesses and enhance the safety levels of several solutions that can incorporate blockchain.

The X-Force Red

X-Force has made itself a strong reputation for its penetration testers’ extensive security and developer expertise, and its blockchain testing service will be tasked to handle assessment of the processes used to manage blockchain networks and the ledger ecosystem per se.

The implementation of blockchain tools and services, such as the one developed by IBM’s X-Force Red, is rapidly growing at a global scale. The numbers show it: in two years from now, the projected spending worldwide in blockchain-powered solutions is almost $10 billion.

Whilst more than two thirds of blockchain solutions rely on traditional methods for authentication, Application Programming Interfaces (API) and data processing, the X-Force Red will have the ability to evaluate the entire implementation of the technology (including some elements not covered under the usual settlements, such as chain code and hyperledgers.) The tool will be able to control access and manage blockchain networks with high efficiency.

Enhancing Security and Attacking Inefficiencies

The IBM’s X-Force Red represents the operational version of the company’s internal security testing resource for blockchain solutions. The primary goal of the system is to enhance security levels and attack the inefficiencies that enterprise blockchain deployments may have.

Enterprise blockchain solutions have certainly endured its fair share of criticism, particularly from within the industry and the technology’s community. However, it has been demonstrated that it is viewed as the present and future, as it has evidenced tangible growth over the last couple of years.

However, all actors are in agreement when they say that for the blockchain model to establish itself and gain more prestige, it is absolutely necessary that security measures and methods are tight, reliable, and efficient.

“While blockchain is a breakthrough for protecting the integrity of data, that does not mean the solutions that leverage it are immune from attackers, which is why security testing is essential during development and after deployment. If we look at mobile applications, cloud computing, and even personal computers – all these innovations needed to adopt policies and techniques for security after they grew in popularity. Blockchain presents businesses with an opportunity to break that trend,” were the words of IBM X-Force Red’s global Head, Charles Henderson.

Another aspect that the product will attend is smart contract flaws. IBM continues to amaze with its wide array of blockchain related products and services, the latest development being a multi-bank implementation in Japanese soil.

By Andres Chavez


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