Microstrategy, Coin Center, and “Fluffy Pony” have shared the document. Developers show how to download it from the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoiners around the entire globe are posting to public Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper in response to pressures from Craig Steven Wright (CSW), who claims copyrights of the original document that explains how the Bitcoin network works.

From cryptocurrency advocacy institutions to renowned industry developers, everyone is sharing the text in PDF format. The situation occurs after removing the white paper from the Bitcoin Core repository due to coercion by the Australian computer scientist.

On Twitter, under the hashtag #BitcoinPdf, hundreds of users are reporting the white paper’s upload. Some of the entities that have joined the initiative are Microstrategy, Fidelity Digital Assets, Coin Center, Chaincode Labs, Paradigm fund, Casa startup, NYDIG firm, and renowned developer Riccardo Spagni “Fluffy Pony”.

CSW pressures were not only against Bitcoin Core, as the primary client of the protocol. They also aimed at the bitcoin.org website, as confirmed on January 21 by @CobraBitcoin, the Internet administrator, as mentioned above page. CSW attorneys gave a month to remove the document from the site, a situation that is raising the tone of the dispute.

“The Bitcoin white paper is part of the archives of the original Bitcoin project published under the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) license by Satoshi Nakamoto. We will continue to host the Bitcoin white paper, and no one will silence us or intimidate us. Others who host the white paper should follow our example and resist these false accusations,” was Cobra Bitcoin’s response.

The so-called MIT license is a free software license that allows the programming code to be copied, modified, or shared at no cost. It is usual for projects in which it intends to reach the largest number of developers.

On Twitter, the user identified as @mutatrum shared a line of code to download the document directly from the Bitcoin blockchain. Information about the procedure also appeared on GitHub.

Craig Wright after a Claim that does not Arrive

Wright has proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto for years. CSW claims that he is the actual creator of Bitcoin, a matter of discussion in the bitcoin ecosystem internationally.

The spontaneous response from some of the major industry players is evidence of their rejection of Wright’s claims. In 2019, the computer scientist applied to the United States Copyright Office for the white paper copyright.

The agency itself indicated that its task is to verify that there are no inconsistencies in the requests and meet the stipulated requirements. The entity was unmarked by saying that Craig’s only way to prove his white paper’s authorship is through a trial.

There are versions of the document in many languages. Many companies joined the initiative to stand against Wright’s claims, arguing that there is 0 consistency in his arguments.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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