The association is part of Huawei’s plans to expand its services in Latin America.

As a method to expand its services and its processes, Huawei Cloud, a section that is part of the Chinese giant Huawei, recently announced an alliance with Blockchain Academy Mexico in order to allow, in this way, improve cloud services, which would help to expand the processes with startups and technology companies that are looking to expand their market in the Central American country.

During the event related to these cloud services technologies, the “Empowering Blockchain Ecosystem with Cloud Services”, this alliance that both parties had been developing for a while was announced. They also recognized that this association will help accelerate the growth and strengthen of state and government institutions so that the so-called “new digital revolution” can be promoted.

This new digital revolution is known for promoting a great integration of new technological services. This integration would seek to connect cloud technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the 5G telephone network and other services, this would “increase productivity and efficiency by storing, processing and transmitting amounts of data”.

The announcement explained that this would help all Fintech companies improve cloud computing services, as well as any blockchain network that is intended for particular activities.

During the announcement, it was recognized that the market for new technologies in the Central American country rises to more than 50 billion dollars in the sector. It was also commented that good market growth has been achieved since there is a lack of banking in local people.

Some of those involved in the project also announced that the doors are open for all companies interested in this new technology, or those already in the sector could join the alliance to seek the improvement of services. Huawei Cloud spokesmen mentioned that they would “accelerate development and adoption, openly and involve them throughout the region”, he concluded.

At the conclusion of the announcement, he assured that the central theme of the entire project is to achieve “a fully connected and intelligent Latin America”.

The Growth of Huawei in Latin America

Last June, Huawei, the Chinese giant specialized in new technologies, would have announced an expansion of all its technological and telecommunications services throughout Latin America.

The announcement was published in the middle of the year through a report which specifies the possible expansion of all Huawei operations, especially with special emphasis on blockchain services and their products developed by the Chinese company.

About this aspect, an executive of the company commented that the success of this expansion will depend on the demand that blockchain technology may have in the Latin American market.

“Everything will depend on the result of our market analysis and, in case there is a market demand for blockchain, we will make our services available in this area. Today we are focused on storage, 5G and telecommunications”, he said.

Similar to this new alliance with technology companies in Mexico, the signing of contracts with companies in Brazil had already been known to improve its storage of records and the optimization of the 5G network in the country so blockchain is gaining more spaces and new opportunities in Latin America. The development continues.

By María Rodríguez


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