Tech companies and phone services providers have already zeroed in on adding blockchain and crypto features into its products, seeing that both are slowly, but surely changing the world and growing in popularity in the last few years. Customers all over the world are enticed by these devices and its innovative features, leading to lots of sales and profit to these multinational companies.

The latest brand to embrace the crypto revolution and add exchange services, in this case by, working hand in hand with Binance, is the Taiwan-based tech firm and smartphone manufacturer HTC. The enterprise announced to the world that it will launch a limited run of the Exodus 1, with features of one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

The phone will be called Binance Edition Exodus 1 and will, of course, offer support for the Binance public blockchain, known as the Binance Chain. The announcement also details that the device supports the Binance DEX of decentralized nature.

The First Blockchain Phone Integrated with the Binance Chain

The development was announced at a Binance Super Meetup in Singapore. Binance’s highest authority, the CEO Changpeng Zhao, and the CFO Wei Zhou were present in the event, as well as HTC executives.

The cutting-edge smartphone is, allegedly, the first blockchain phone in the planet to come with integrated Binance Chain blockchain services, making it a desirable asset in all markets, especially in the Asian region.

It is said that the Binance Edition Exodus 1 will come with a proprietary Zion Vault crypto wallet app with Binance DEX, which will let users trade crypto assets on the mentioned ecosystem from their devices respectively. Another pre-loaded service is the Binance app and also its associated wallet’s app, Trust Wallet.

The phone is not particularly cheap, but the price goes in concordance with the market conditions and other brands. It will cost $599, and it will be available for purchase on the HTC official web page in the upcoming days. Another crypto-friendly development related to the device is that customers will be able to pay for it in the form of cryptocurrencies.

A Shared Vision

According to Phil Chen, who is currently the decentralized chief officer at HTC, the firm shares the same vision of Binance when it comes to borderless finance. He also stated that the company he works for is thrilled to support Binance Chain and DEX. Additionally, he observed that he is hopeful that the strategic alliance between the two powerhouses in their respective fields will bring a “completely new paradigm of digital asset exchanges and corresponding interactions.”

On the other hand, Zhao, one of the world’s most famous crypto personalities, made it clear that the interconnection between the global smartphone marketplace and the blockchain sector is notable, and that smartphones will be extremely crucial to promote the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. He also explained that crypto will diversify a smartphone’s offerings, converting it into a point-of-sale terminal and a payment machine, effectively eliminating the middleman.

By Andres Chavez


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