There are several factors to consider. That is, which companies should investors watch? What differentiates them from their competitors?

The first iteration of the Internet, in its most disorganized style, was called Web 1.0. The dotcom boom of the 2000s is considered Web 2.0. The third improved version of this would imply a greater degree of freedom, more power, and more privacy for regular users through the use of Blockchain technology. This latter one is known as Web3.

Big Tech and Web3 Applications

Web3 applications are still in the early days of conceptualization. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that big technology companies (Big Tech) need to innovate. Some tech firms have already declared their interest in Blockchain technology, and others are experimenting with things like AI and virtual reality.

Some Big Tech are still on the sidelines. However, increased competition and technological advancement are likely to force them to take a stand. This provides more motivation to invest in Web3 stocks.

Top 5 Web3 Actions

There are many Web3 business opportunities worth considering. With a view to making your decision easier, we will now look at 5 Web3 actions that tick all the preliminary boxes.

All of the companies on the list have earned a good degree of public support from the crypto community. However, It is important to do your own research in order to make sensible and responsible decisions.

  1. Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN): It is directly involved in Web3.0 in a pretty obvious way. On the one hand, of course, it indirectly supports many of the developing Blockchain companies by helping to sell their native tokens.

Coinbase shares can be traded like any other public company. While Coinbase shares have fallen in recent months, much of its popularity is intrinsically tied to the allure of cryptocurrencies. This is an important detail to consider before making your investment decision.

  • Apple Inc. (AAPL): It has been involved in some of the most exciting technological innovations of the last few decades. Naturally, its price fluctuates significantly over a period of time. However, Apple stock has, in many ways, been the flagship when it comes to this type of investment. It’s hard to imagine Web3 without Apple’s involvement in some significant capacity.
  • International Business Machines Corporation (IBM): In terms of overall value, IBM remains one of the largest companies in the world, along with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. The company’s history, as well as its plans, help make it a great prospect for the future. IBM may well retain its status as one of the world’s leading companies even as Web3 becomes a reality.
  • NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA): It hopes to greatly increase automation. This may appear to have potentially harmful effects on workers in the short term. After all, it would mean that machines will perform more and more tasks. However, there is certainly a silver lining to all of this. Experimental enthusiasts believe this will lead to a high degree of decentralization in Web3. In the best-case scenario, the use of AI will help to replace various third-party intermediaries in the crypto ecosystem and elsewhere.
  • Unity Software Inc. (U): While it’s true that Unity’s share price has fallen over the past year, the same can be said for some of its direct competitors. Still, there are reasons to be optimistic about having this on your list of Web3 actions to consider.

There is no doubt that Web3 will become an important part of our lives in the future, and there are several major companies working on related initiatives.

By Audy Castaneda


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