Cryptocurrency has just turned into an excellent digital asset, ideal for investment, and a great base to start a business. In 2020, with a pandemic crisis ahead the options for investments have declined so now the mission is to determine which digital currency should be ideal; the sole purpose of this article is to guide you with some recommendations so you can choose the right digital currency to invest in.

Some coins still possess a good potential for making quick and long-term ROI, even after 2019’s devaluation, so the strategy resides in not paying attention to the rate.  Why? The reason is that this can change abruptly, and a drop or a rise can happen suddenly and without any Plan B.

These indicators will lead you through the right path:

  • When there is balanced liquidity, the digital currencies gain a balanced flow in the market, enough to be sold fast and safe.
  •  The market prices remain generous and the trading activities on exchanges remain constant.
  • The liquidity rate in popular digital currencies like Ripple or ethereum makes them desirable for customers at the time of investment; the reason is the liquidity level.

Is Cryptocurrency ideal to invest in?

 Cryptocurrencies are always a controversial theme, mainly because it raises a general concern about a successful investment. People are used to saying that digital currencies are the ineffable future of finances and the economy.

Digital currencies offer a whole catalog of features that can be useful to the client in these times that does not happen with traditional money, there is a higher sense of security, and maybe the most important fact is that the transactions can be done faster.

Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

Once you start getting used to the fact that investing in Cryptocurrency is the best you could ever have, here you have granted access to a list based on the potential and sustainable cryptocurrencies at the top of the market in the latest months.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is at the top, there is no other coin that can match this one. It is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, and the main feature of this coin resides, in fact, in its popularity which can turn into an advantage against any rival in the market.

The liquidity level that this coin offers is very attractive for investors; its volatility always in rising also makes this digital currency a very juicy fruit in the market. Awesome peaks are the predictions after this 2020; investors expect a big rise on the peaks once the pandemic starts to give in.

Ripple (XRP)

 This another cryptocurrency has the potential to be a big favorite in the market this digital currency is probably the most promising and great investment you can find in this shortlist, the reason is that the technology behind Ripple (XPR) grant it with pretty solidity in international fields, the payment networks also give praises to this coin, 2020 can be a very good year for this currency to rise and increase its price in a very solid way.

Ethereum (ETH)

We all already know it, this digital currency is also a very popular one, and its influence on the market makes this cryptocurrency a very competitive and valuable item to commerce and to invest in.

Experts say that shortly we can see this cryptocurrency gain a more huge reputation than it already has, even if he still can’t match with Bitcoin.

By Jenson Nuñez


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