If you plan to mine cryptocurrencies, here is information about how easy it is in 2022, and the best starting point for beginners.

Mining cryptocurrencies consists of making hardware (miners) available to a Blockchain to validate transactions and secure the network.

Cryptocurrency mining is profitable. In fact, miners receive transaction fees and a newly created amount of cryptocurrency upon validation of each block. Here’s how to get started.

Cryptocurrencies allow transactions to be carried out without going through trusted third parties. If cryptocurrencies are decentralized, what are transaction fees for? Who perceives them?

Cryptocurrency mining makes it possible to verify the validity of transactions while ensuring their journey from point A to point B. This is crucial for the integrity of the network (Blockchain). It is for this reason that the computer (the miner) that validates a block is rewarded with the transaction fees paid by users.

Mining a cryptocurrency is also, in most cases, participating in money creation. For Bitcoin, for example, every 10 minutes, after a block validation, 6.25 BTC is created and paid to the validators who participated in the block confirmation.

How Does Mining Work?

Cryptocurrencies are mined using extremely powerful specialized computers, to process each of the transactions that take place on their network. How do they get there? In short, they must solve complex mathematical problems, inaccessible to a human brain.

Solving these problems allows for the creation of new transaction blocks within the Blockchain. For a block to be secure, it must find a key that “seals” the block and creates a new one. The network user who manages to find this key will be rewarded. This process is called “proof of work.”

How easy is it to mine cryptocurrencies in 2022?

Since mining is all about implementing hashing power to solve computer calculations, the miner with the most capable hardware has a better chance of finding a block. That is why mining has become a frantic race behind GPU processors.

The battle has been such that a GPU is no longer useful for mining Bitcoin, and it is due to the requirements of this robust network. BTC can only be mined with more powerful and therefore more energy-consuming chips – ASICs.

For now, ASIC mining remains at the forefront, but newer and more powerful models are regularly released, making older versions obsolete.

Tips for Beginners

Mining with a mining team is the most ideal way to enter this world; however, some technical knowledge is required to get the equipment up and running.

For a beginner, the easiest way to mine crypto in 2022 is to use cloud mining as it allows users to mine crypto without owning the necessary hardware. Also, it allows them to participate in mining no matter how much or how little they can contribute.

Cloud mining is suitable for investors who do not want to obtain the necessary computer equipment for mining. Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin, they are possible to mine with this method.

When choosing cloud mining, one should also beware of scam sites that offer exorbitant profits. Several reputable companies offer to mine cryptocurrencies in the cloud. In any case, it is worth doing your own research before making decisions.

By Audy Castaneda


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