The platform handles two different types of clean energy. The developer becomes the first utility to trace renewable energy

Acciona Energía’s customers can verify in realtime, and from anywhere in the world, that 100% of the electricity they consume is clean, thanks to the platform that will allow traceability (step by step monitoring) of their generation electrical renewable origin, through the use of blockchain technology.

Among the customers of the Spanish power company are companies such as Apple, Google, Bimbo, Kellogs, and Volkswagen. From the Ibex 35 company, representatives of Acciona Energía stress that they are the first entity to trace renewable energy with blockchain in Spain and Portugal.

“Tracing the renewable origin of energy is an increasingly widespread demand, associated with the growth of the corporate green energy contracting market, and blockchain technology can greatly facilitate customer’s service anywhere in the world. We are very pleased to have taken this first step on a path that will surely set a trend in the coming years”, says Belén Linares, Innovation Director at Acciona Energía.

Acciona Energía has extended the use of blockchain to its entire electric power business, after successfully testing the utility of the block of chains to accredit the 100% renewable origin of the energy injected into the electricity grid, from two storage facilities in Navarra.

The news about this functionality available to its users was disclosed shortly after the company announced the use of blockchain in the two renewable plants it has in Spain: Barásoain (with wind power) and Tudela (with photovoltaic), both in Navarra, under the Store chain project.

The company published a statement on December 17th informing that it will implement this technology for the entire record of the electric power it handles. And it will be done by FlexiDAO, a startup that focuses on software tools for digital energy services. This newphase of the project will be called Greenchain.

The first phases of the project were developed in collaboration with FlexiDAO, a company that specializes in offering electrical companies software tools for digital energy services.

FlexiDAO was one of the startups selected by Acciona within the second edition of its innovation program opened last June, in which 231 companies from 16 countries were analyzed. Among all these, Acciona Energía became the first entity to trace renewable energy by using blockchain technology in Spain and Portugal.

Since June of this year, the company has collaborated with Acciona Energía in the creation of a commercial demonstrator that ensures the traceability of the renewable generation of five wind and hydraulic installations located in Spain until its supply to four corporate clients in Portugal. To achieve this objective, Energy Web Blockchain is used, a blockchain platform specialized for the electricity sector.

The energy company’s next step is to continue its implementation in new areas, starting with those markets that are most suitable for this type of service. Mainly those who do not have has collaborated of the renewable energy accreditation are taken into account, as is demonstrator that of several Latin American countries where Acciona Energía has a strong presence, such as Mexico and Chile.

“We are demonstrating that the traceability of renewable energy is a case of viable use today, which generates real value for the consumer”, said FlexiDAO co-founder and CEO SimoneAccornero.

In fact, in Spain, in July of this year, the Government of Catalonia launched a project called IoCat, which includes using the Ethereum’s blockchain for the commercialization of photovoltaic energy among the members of each community, using a token protected by the Government of the autonomous community.

In a world in constant change and with increasing demands, blockchain technology is becoming the solution to various scenarios and problems.

By María Rodríguez


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