The educational program will take place from February 2020 to April of the same year

Recently, it was announced that Andreessen Horowitz, a Venture Capital Fund firm of the United States of America, is preparing a free training and education program for all those who want to undertake in the field of cryptographic technology.

As it is known, it will be an educational program in the modality of face-to-face and aimed at entrepreneurs and people looking to get involved in businesses with cryptocurrencies. At the end, the program will take place in the city of Menlo Park, in California, where it will also host a conference on the results of the program.

To conduct this educational program, the company, also known for its alliances and negotiations with Ripple, OpenBazaar and Coinbase, said there is confirmation that some representatives of Paradigm, Union Square Ventures, Galaxy Digital, among many others, will join as speakers and guest speakers so it would be possible to improve the academic project that will be called Crypto Startup School.

About other aspects of the educational project, it was known that the educational program will last approximately seven weeks, so it will be developed from next February to April, 2020.

In addition, the names of some experts and speakers that would lead the lessons were announced. Some of the experts who will have direct participation in the education of entrepreneurs are Dani Grant, an analyst at Union Square Ventures; Linda Xie, member of Scalar Capital; Michael Jordan, who is a researcher at Paradigm; and Morgan Beller, Chief of Calibra Strategy at Facebook.

Andreessen Horowitz’s general partner, Chris Dixon, commented that the project was born as an innovative idea to improve the processes related to the cryptocurrency industry in the future. According to Dixon, the future of the industry will depend on the new entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of new technologies.

“We have been involved in crypto/blockchains for almost five years, and as a team, we have had the opportunity to learn from world-class entrepreneurs and technologists on topics like product and technology design, organization development, go-to-market strategy, and legal/regulatory best practices. We think that sharing the most important lessons we have learned could accelerate the development of existing projects, and inspire more talented people to join the space”.

The Study Plan that Would Train the Blockchain ​​Creators of the Future

It is known that the study plan of the project will have a specific number of topics to be discussed, ranging from the most basic to complex programming issues.

The announcement mentioned that it will begin with basic questions such as what cryptocurrencies are, the importance of this technology and considerations about technology innovation. The program will conclude with more advanced study topics such as the management of tools for the creation of blockchain applications, business models applied to the blockchain, among many other topics.

To be included in the project, it is not necessary to have any specialization or specific knowledge in the industry. However, it is requested that the person has to be familiar with the main programming language of Ethereum, Solidity.

The same firm that will develop this educational project announced in mid-2018, that it made a strong investment, of more than 300 million dollars, in novel projects, constituted companies, and protocols and platforms linked to cryptocurrencies.

This corresponds to the company’s growth plans which visualize a promising future in the business models that will emerge thanks to blockchain and other new technologies.

These projects represent an important advance in academic growth within the crypto industry, in addition to guiding entrepreneurs who felt insecure in technological plans related to blockchain technology.

By María Rodríguez


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