The European country has already approved a set of educational plans, in order to train teachers to teach about cryptocurrencies.

According to official sources of the French government, the Ministry of National Education of the said country has shown itself in favor of crypto assets education. For this reason, the creation of an introductory course to cryptocurrencies that would help train all teachers in France on digital currencies has been approved. In this way, teachers should include in the regular study plan tools for students about this technology.

Since blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are taking a strong boom in global negotiations and their market continues to grow day by day, the French Ministry of Education sees it as imperative to educate the population about the application, uses and disadvantages of this technology. In this way, the French government has sought to create an educational tool that has a general nature and is aimed at the whole territory, helping to complement the knowledge about the global management of finances today.

As it is known about the educational material that is prepared by the Ministry of National Education of France, this guide will have an extension of about 8 pages of explanation regarding the processes that the cryptocurrency management needs, as well as exposing the main features of the Bitcoin protocol. In addition, it will serve to guide educators on how this new technology should be taught. The guide is mainly aimed at teachers of Social and Economic Sciences and will be in order to instruct teachers first rather than students.

About the way in which this guide was developed, it is known that it contains practical examples to improve the understanding of the nature of this technology. In this way, some examples explain monetary functions that are made using Bitcoin (BTC), so that the information is transmitted in that form to students and help; thus, to guarantee better retention of the information. The examples are comparable with monetary operations conducted in the traditional monetary system, so that students can associate the handling of cryptocurrencies with any other fiat currency, overcoming barriers of skepticism and expanding trust.

In addition to the development of this introductory course to cryptocurrencies, the Ministry of National Education is creating a whole educational plan that will be supported, even, by informative videos. Also, supporting different types of campaigns with resources, in order to educate the general population.

The study instrument will not only be oriented to the handling of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency but also, it will seek to be of instruction in general. Therefore, this guide will also explain how cryptocurrency management is in the banking system and how the monetary policy of nations works on these digital currencies.

About this aspect, the French Ministry of Education expressed its opinion on the management of cryptocurrencies in the central banking system. “Create enough money to support global demand, but also ensure the preservation of the purchasing power of the currency”.

This initiative elaborated by the French government puts in positive the effort of the country to improve the education and the understanding of these new financial technologies that although they have not achieved a great adoption, they are making their way in the world markets.

By María Rodríguez


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