Ron Paul sees Bitcoin as a possible option that contributes to the financial freedom of Americans. Criticizing the excessive issuance of fiat money, he said that “the problem is that money does not have enough value.”

In recent days, Ron Paul, a former member of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, claimed that he does not understand everything about Bitcoin. However, he said that he values its contribution to the freedom of people by avoiding “the government’s nonsense.”

The former Republican Party politician, currently part of the Libertarian Party, gave his opinion on the pioneering cryptocurrency. He was in favor of economic and financial freedom but against tax policies.

“I perceive that [the community] understands that monetary issues are important, but [I believe that] freedom is also important. [I think that ] we can solve the problems that we have through it,” said the former congressman. “We have a shortage of liberty and there is a lot of chaos that we have to deal with,” added Paul.

“The welfare state does not work because it is based on theft,” said the former legislator with over 20 years of parliamentary experience. He explained that “the most prosperous countries in the world, among which we were once, are based on the free market.” The former Texan politician stated that “the problem is not that [there is not] enough money but that money does not have enough value.”

Paul Criticizes the Actions of the Public Administrations of the State

Fully criticizing the actions of public administrations, Paul said that “everyone wants monetary freedom but many want free money.” According to the former congressman, free money is “stolen or printed” money that only serves to make the country poorer, while “some get richer.”

The doctor admitted that he never considered himself part of the government, which he tried to change. He highlighted the value of Bitcoin in avoiding this “nonsense” when it comes to tax and monetary policy

He noted that “the national debt is USD 28 trillion” and criticized the government for saying that “everything is going well.” He wryly commented that “it is actually going well [but] for Bitcoin.” Likewise, Paul criticized the tax collection plan to pay for President Biden’s infrastructure and welfare mega-plan.

Bitcoin Is One More Tool for Financial Freedom, According to Paul

Ron Paul was also a Captain in the US Air Force during his military career. He spoke about a bill that he had introduced to have freedom of choice about the US fiat currency. In his opinion, Bitcoin would fit into this monetary freedom scheme as “the Bitcoin community has more information than Washington.”

Therefore, Paul believes that it would be possible to avoid the “new economic policy of printing money like crazy.” He highlighted that “we do not need more cash and constraints must emerge from the market, rather than from the political system.” In that regard, he said that “that is where [people] can seriously consider the pioneering cryptocurrency.”

This former US congressman shows his concern about the effect of the massive printing of US dollars on the economy of the country. At the same time, he believes that Bitcoin is a tool that can contribute to the financial freedom of US citizens.

By Alexander Salazar


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