Church’s Chicken has announced that its employees in Venezuela will receive payments in crypto bonds.

The food franchise Church’s Chicken Venezuela has publicly announced on Monday, April 19, that they will implement a new bonus payment system for their staff using the Dash cryptocurrency.

According to what the Franchise says, the Company has been implementing this since December 2020, a test pilot since December 2020. It worked with the chain’s corporate staff, and now the application will be available for the rest of the team.

The fast-food Company explained in detail that every test resulted in a positive validation of 97% of employees, which has prompted them to open the expansion to more parts of the chain’s personnel from now on.

This system’s structure works together with the Dash Text and Dash Core Group teams behind a payment program called “Dasherpay”. This program allows the sending of Dash in an automated way and enables the coordination of payments on dates and times previously determined.

The entire system works in a non-custodial way, which implies that the Company that makes the payments via DasherPay must acquire the Dash by the means that they determine.

This Method is a Solution for the Company’s staff

The Church’s Chicken team in Venezuela highlighted the opinion of Leidimar Amundaraín was unequivocal. She mentioned that this new modality “served as a solution for our staff, ” adding that the system has proven to be easy to manage and beneficial to every employee on the Franchise.

Dash’s team also mentioned in the public note of the announcement that this type of initiative mainly focuses on responding to two needs for Venezuelans.

One of them is the escape from the subsequent inflation problems that affect the whole country, and having a solution for the lack of fiat bills and coins, foreigners in the country, and the deficit that this situation generates in times of constant economic changes.

The Application Awaits its Launch in More Stores

The Dash team itself has expressed enthusiasm for this initiative. They have mentioned that this “is the beginning of a project that will expand its tentacles to more organisations” and that they will work to “solve relevant problems in everyday life of merchants and users in Venezuela.”

The Dash Core Group CEO himself spoke about this new project and let media outlets know that they already carried out studies on the commercial movement in Venezuela. They have led them to verify that “users manage to minimize their problems in more than one 90%, since they can buy what they want many shops that accept Dash in Venezuela, paying the exact amount, in just fractions of seconds.”

By: Jenson Nuñez


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