Last April, Pierce made a joint donation with Binance to fight COVID-19 in Puerto Rico. The businessman has been part of projects reported for legal and financial irregularities.

In recent days, Brock Pierce, a controversial character linked to various cryptocurrency-based projects like Tether, EOS, and the Bitcoin Foundation, made an announcement. He said that he was running for the US Presidential elections, which will occur in November of this year.

His campaign

Under the slogan “It gets better from here”, the entrepreneur and venture investor invited his followers to support his campaign.

Brock posted a video on YouTube in which he states that people should embrace technology, not fear it. He also said that if the US government had used 21st-century technology, citizens would have received all the aid to fight unemployment much faster.

Likewise, he announces that his campaign marks a path for the reconstruction of the nation and that he will be running independently.

The US Presidential Campaign is a process that takes place throughout the year and culminates in an election on November 3rd, 2020.

His History as an Investor

On his website, Pierce promotes himself as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a long history of founding, consulting, and investing in disruptive businesses.

Pierce is currently an executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, which aims to promote the use of cryptocurrency since its creation. Various controversies related to its members, who include Gavin Andresen, Charlie Shrem, Mark Karpeles, Bobby Lee, Roger Ver, and Brock Pierce himself, among others, have marked the organization. In 2015, a member of the executive board announced that the foundation was insolvent and no one knows if this situation has changed.

In 2017, Pierce was part of the team, the company with which he organized the ICO of the EOS token, which has raised the most money in history. A year later, his post as a spokesman was the subject of suspicion and ridicule on comedian John Oliver’s show. Besides, he organized a unicorn-themed wedding in “Burning Man”, which should have prevented investors from entrusting USD 1.5 billion to him. After this program, the company announced that Pierce was no longer related to the project.

The billionaire was a co-founder of Tether, the largest fiat money-pegged coin on the market.

Pierce, a former Disney star in the ’90s, has done business in the technology area at least since 1998 when he was only 18 years old and was a minority partner in a company dedicated to transmitting video on the Internet, called DEN. Two years later, that company filed bankruptcy after Brock and another of its co-founders received accusations of sexual abuse of minors. Brock reportedly paid more than USD 21,000 in an out-of-court settlement with one of the plaintiffs so that he would drop the charges.


In 2017, Pierce created the Integro Foundation in Puerto Rico, which was recently in the news for having made a joint donation of USD 1 million with Binance, to support Puerto Rico in its fight against COVID-19.

On its website, the Foundation states that its objective is to provide philanthropic resources to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands, and the Amazon jungle. It says that it seeks to do with programs designed to revive areas in critical need, as well as empower people, plants, animals, and resources to survive.

By Alexander Salazar


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