According to research data, 42 % of jobs in the crypto industry are granted by exchange houses.

In a recent publication on employment rates in the cryptocurrency industry, researchers focused on knowing these aspects were released. The results of the investigation indicate that around 40%, which is almost half, of crypto employment is granted by companies dedicated to the exchange of assets.

According to local news, data analyzed and investigated from 158 crypto companies; indicate that about 42% of the employees are dedicated to working for exchange houses. To be more specific, more than 7,700 people are working in the area of ​​crypto exchanges, assuming, in addition, management of about 30 different types of cryptocurrencies.

According to research data, the second place in crypto employment is occupied by the mining industry; this is, classifying mining equipment producers with 11% of jobs. Then, the next place is occupied by workers who work in government functions related to cryptocurrencies, with 10 % of jobs in the industry, even putting as examples companies like TRON and Ripple.

With respect to the companies analyzed and their data about the personnel working for these companies, it was known that the leaders among the most employers are Bitmain with 1,500 employees, Huboi with 1,300, Coinbase with 1,000, and OKEx with 950 workers.

According to comments from these companies, they ensure that the growth of the companies will depend on their large volume of people who make quality work possible, and not just quantity. Occupying that kind of place is Binance with a total of 650 employees and Ripple with 450 people on the payroll.

It is worth mentioning that a few weeks ago, Coinbase and Ripple came off the list of the 10 most popular companies for job search on Linkedin. These results are part of a classification that is made during a certain time by the social network. In this way, Binance and Ripple leave the top 10, in a list that covers the 50 best companies to work for in the United States of America.

Despite this news, Ripple is considered one of the companies that offer the best jobs to the people around its headquarters, in San Francisco, the United States of America. In addition to being one of the best technology companies in the area.

According to a survey made with Ripple employees, it was found that 95% of respondents like to say they are happy to work in that company, as well as 91% say that Ripple is a very good company to work for.

It is also important to note that according to the social network to search for jobs, Linkedin, the classification of skills related to the management and use of blockchain technology is in its top 10 of the most important and requested ones in certain regions of Asia.

The expansion of the crypto industry is generating a major change at the market level in the world. More and more technology companies are making their efforts in the blockchain industry and in creating new products with it. For this reason, it is important to hire qualified human resources that contribute their knowledge and generate positive changes for the world since blockchain technology also helps verify the origin of products, and preserve quality and security in a different types of processes.

By María Rodríguez


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