Neutrino technology allows those who are not in a complete node to execute payments through the network

Last Wednesday, Pierre Rochard, Software Engineer at Bitcoin Advisory, presented a complement he is developing, based on Microsoft Excel program, to receive and send payments through Lightning Network (LN) channels. In this way, Excel users will be able to make and receive invoices of LN payments with just a few clicks.

“The Lightning Network Daemon (LND) node software now runs on the Excel plugin. With neutrino, which means that a Windows + Excel user can make and receive LN payments with a few clicks”, Rochard said on his Twitter account.

The expert explained that this would be possible through Neutrino; Lightning Network technology for thin clients that allows those who do not run a complete node to make payments through it.

The day of the announcement, Rochard interacted with other Twitter’s users so he revealed more details about the operation. He said Neutrino technology allows those who are not in a complete node to execute payments through the network. In the same conversation thread, Rochard clarified that the source code of the add-on will be freely accessible.

Why Excel

Excel users only could send a payment by pasting the request in a cell and clicking on the “Send” option. The second step is when the Bitcoin’s blockchain records all the information generated in Excel. Then, it shares this information between the different nodes. The intention is to obtain a reliable record of the transactions conducted.

Bitcoin Advisors software engineer pointed out that 99.99% of the people who work with accounting and finance have Microsoft Excel on their computer. This new application is for those users who are interested in using Lightning Network payment channels.

The universe of Lightning Network applications expands more and more. Now, there are different applications that have adopted this Lightning Network. The payment channels of the Lightning network could pay a set of services like Super Mario and Pokémon games, bets and drinks like coffee and Coca Cola.

Recently, a German-born hacker developed an intelligent bicycle, which even is in proof of concept. Clients pay the routes with bitcoins through the Lightning Network.

Microsoft has been one of the biggest technology companies that have expressed its support towards Bitcoin joining it within its platforms as a payment currency for products and services since 2014.

The adoption of payments in the digital currency by the company was possible thanks to the BitPay services, with which people could download games and applications in Windows and Xbox online stores.

By María Rodríguez


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