Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti model could approach at least 116 MH / s on Ethereum using NBMiner. Hynix-branded memory GPUs did not present promising results from the software improvements.

Nvidia limited the mining capacity of its newer graphics cards (GPUs) to make peace with the frenzy of cryptocurrency miners to add them to their rigs.

However, enthusiasts of digital mining have already found whole new ways to bypass the walls set by the manufacturer of these GPUs.These enthusiasts want to increase their performance when mining with them.

Installing software that allows the user’s rig or PC to work for a  blockchain is essential to mine cryptocurrencies.

Some computer scientists achieved the liberation of the mining power that Nvidia represses in some of its video cards using NBMiner and GMiner, two programs focused on mining cryptocurrencies like ether (ETH), a crypto-active native to the Ethereum network.

Nvidia GPU Miner Testing with GMiner

The technical team of the blog 2Miners tested a pair of Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics devices that belong to the EVGA brand. This model is one of the most capable tools in the GPU world nowadays.

Although the RTX 3080 Ti counts on enough capacity to reach at least 116 MH / s, the Nvidia drivers activate the hash rate limiters within a few minutes of starting the mining activity. So its hash rate descends rapidly to 64 MH / s. The drop could even surpass 45% in its mining power.

Two versions of the GMiner software gave good scores. The technicians got to reach an average hash rate on each GPU of at least 78 MH / s by mining in Ethereum. This average means a high peak that surpasses 10% compared to the previous 64MH / s.

The team has to enable a watchdog, which serves as a guardian software of the GMiner, to restart the program each time the hash rate drops to a certain level. This procedure has to be done to keep the graphics cards mining at the needed rate

The 2Miners technicians warned that they did not force the graphics cards with extreme settings.

According to the team, one of the devices registered a hash rate of 85MH / s by using the -lhr_tune1 3 parameter on the GMiner and the values on the MSI Afterburner: CC (MHz): 1260, MC (MHz): + 1350, Power: 280 W.

The MSI Afterburner is a program applied by both gamers and miners to upgrade the operation of graphic cards. This procedure is commonly known as Overclock.

Graphics Cards with Nvidia’s “LHR”

The term LHR means Lite Hash Rate and got added by Nvidia to the boxes where GPUs with limited hash rates come. Buyers should know upfront that this particular card would not be helpful when mining cryptocurrencies.

Despite Nvidia’s goals, the developers of the NBMiner mining software consider that version 39.5 of this program, which is the most recent version released, is currently capable of unlocking the whole mining potential of GeForce RTX 3000 series.

According to the NBMiner GitHub repository and version 39.0 of the software, the -LHR parameter started to achieve a series of improvements regarding the performance of the GPUs.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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