The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, expressed that Fornite does have any connection with any official token and accused those responsible for encouraging a scam focused on its game.

The distributor and developer of video games for PC, Epic Games, would make a legal complaint against the creators of a token funded in 2021 allegedly linked to its game called Fornite.

CEO of Epic Games Would Fight Against the Creators of Fornite Token

This information got confirmed by the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, and highlighted through a message launched on his official Twitter that the entity will file a legal action to fight against those responsible for the token. Sweeney even reiterated that Fornite does not count on any official crypto asset.

Sweeney stated via Twitter that there is no Fornite crypto asset. According to him, Twitter accounts encouraging such a thing are a scam led by deceivers and criminals. Epic’s lawyers are already working on the case. Sweeney also pointed out that it’s a shame that the markets allow this activity.

Since Fortnite is one of the most prominent brands in the video game space nowadays, Sweeney highlighted that those behind said token could struggle with copyright and trademark issues since they use the images and the official name without authorization from Epic Games. This action would represent a problematic infringement since they mistakenly lead the interested parties to think that the digital asset shares a direct connection with the title.

Fornite Token creators responded that Sweeney’s statement quickly landed on those responsible for Fornite Token, who in response told the CEO of Epic Games that their project is simply an initiative backed up by video game enthusiasts.

Everything is Possible in the Crypto Space

Although the struggle regarding the legality of the creation of a token focused on Fornite may be currently active, the truth is that these activities are common within the crypto space, so any individual or group has the chance to create their asset and connect them to any brand.

There are cases where partner brands back up the communities behind these activities, but others desire to take advantage of brands to create their crypto asset and camouflage their scam.

A similar situation occurred with the token focused on The Squid Game (SQUID), which took advantage of the sparkling fame of the South Korean series broadcast by Netflix and raised the interest of a considerable number of investors, who overnight got deceived and faced the theft of their linked investments.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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