This special technology obtained 156 points in its evaluation, which positions it as the best blockchain protocol, according to the Chinese government

On January 24th, the ranking published monthly by the Chinese government about the best crypto-technologies in the country was released. According to the press report in which the results were reflected, EOS is positioned, again, as the best cryptocurrency, with the best blockchain. Ethereum (ETH) reached the second place, as happened last December.

The Chinese government institution responsible for making the list, studying the market, assessing the growth, changes, and popularity of these technologies, is the Center for Information and Development of Industry (CCID) of the People’s Republic of China, through the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Since last May, 2018, this institution has made public the list called the Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index, in order to guide foreign investors and local merchants on the most reliable crypto technologies and with the greatest demand in the industry.

For the first publication of this year, the institution returned to place EOS as the best crypto-technology, which holds that position since June of last year, and this time its blockchain has received special interest.

In the case of Ethereum (ETH), this cryptocurrency returns to occupy the second place for a second consecutive month. This happens despite the multiple changes that the cryptoactive has undergone since February of last year. In the third place is Ontology.

Other main cryptocurrencies have had improvements in this last classification, among which Bitcoin (BTC), which last month ranked 18, and in this new edition improved three points to be placed in the 15th place; DASH, which occupies the 18th place this time; IOTA, which is ranked 13th; Ripple (XRP), which is number 20th on the list, among others.

The document published some interesting details. It mentioned Ethereum Clasic caused great concern when it received a cyber-attack at the beginning of this 2019, which affected 51% of its platform.

In addition, the report indicates that the best growing cryptocurrencies were Eota, Super Cash and Dash. However, when referring to “applicability” and management, the five main ones are Ethereum, NEO, Nebula, Ontology, Chain and Quantum Chain. The statement also details that the best cryptocurrencies in terms of “Innovation” are EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Komodo and Dash.

EOS in the First Place

EOS.IO is a blockchain technology protocol that also has its cryptocurrency called EOS. This platform was originally launched on January 31st, 2018. The growth of EOS has been one of the slowest in the industry, but its increase has been unstoppable and a few days ago it has achieved a profit rate of more than 35%, achieving daily increases of more than 8 percentage points.

According to experts, the greater interest in the use of EOS, rather than its cryptocurrency, has been the underlying platform of blockchain. Its system has importantly attracted the attention of investors and entrepreneurs due to stability, which represents a great potential for the businesses that these investors seek to realize. Since EOS ranks first in the Public Chain Technology Assessment Index, published by the Chinese government, its growth has been greater and consecutive.

Although EOS is not the first choice for most entrepreneurs and people interested in this technology, it has had a growing interest increase despite the fact that it emerged a short time ago. Some consider this protocol as “a scam”, because it has had losses of up to one million dollars. For others, this has been a viable solution with great potential for the future of crypto-technologies.

By María Rodríguez


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