The sale has raised USD 33,495 so far. The available tokens are for sale on the Bitski platform.

The American presenter and comedian Ellen DeGeneres auctioned three non-fungible tokens (NFT). He did so on April 26 to assist the World Central Kitchen organization, run by Spanish chef José Andrés, which dedicates his efforts to supply food around the world after natural disasters.

The tokens are on the Bitski platform, and $ 33,495 is the total income. DeGeneres also pushed the initiative through her social networks. «I am raising money for World Central Kitchen. I did an NFT, and you can bid on it! You have 24 hours to participate,” wrote the presenter.

The first NFT sold for USD 14,555. It is a 4K video of DeGeneres doing a comedy monologue; the second token is ten versions of the image called Woman With Stick Cat. The presenter appears holding a cat drawing a price of USD 2,500 each. Some of these NFT have already found their owners.

Lastly, DeGeneres offered the third token, and it’s a selfie of her, holding a drawing of a cat. Sixty-four people paid $ 100 each for a digital copy of the image during the 24-hour sales period.

The presenter, who counts on millions of followers in her social networks, has supported various social causes. With the sale of the NFTs, She collaborated with chef Andrés, who holds 2 Michelin stars. Since 2010 directs an NGO that provides “smart solutions to end hunger and poverty, using the power of food to revive communities and strengthen economies.”

DeGeneres Talked About Dogecoin and Security with Cuban

On April 27, the day after the sale of NFTs, the comedian invited the billionaire investor Mark Cuban as a guest on her morning show. They talked, among many topics, about NFTs and cryptocurrencies. During the dialogue, the businessman explained that tokens are “a digital collectable that you can buy, keep and sell like any other collectable.”

Cuban also talked about bitcoin (BTC) and dogecoin (DOGE). He described the first as a “digital version of gold” and the second said that it is a “just fun” digital asset because it went from being a joke to “becoming something that is becoming a digital currency.” He added that said cryptocurrency, as an investment, is “much better than a lottery ticket.”

Cuban also explains one of the realities of trading crypto on platforms that are already targets of regulations is the one about these platforms collecting personal information from users.

Cuban also talked about his Mavericks basketball team and its acceptance of dogecoin as means of payments in the team’s virtual store. Cuban told DeGeneres that she should do the same in her store. DeGeneres mentioned she felt uncomfortable because Robinhood asks for a Social Security number, and Cuban gave the audience some lessons and tips about anti-money-laundering requirements in crypto- platforms.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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