SEAL is the first public company in Peru to adapt its services and operations to a blockchain network

One of the main electricity companies in Peru plans to use blockchain technology to improve its security procedures and increase transparency in the provision of the service in its locality. The Electric Society of Arequipa (SEAL) seeks to give strength to the service through new technological advances, to benefit the electrical system in the Arequipa region. This would help improve management transparency for its customers.

This news was revealed last Tuesday, August 13th, by the Peruvian media, Andina. The publication ensures that this measure is part of the new adaptation and updating project of its technological platform, giving space to the digital transformation within SEAL.

Among the main benefits of this adaptation within the company is the method of receiving payments and charges in a completely digital way; in this way it would be in the past the printing of invoices and certificates thus reducing stationery costs. This also makes it sure that more than 500 thousand clients of all Arequipa can adapt to the alternative.

“SEAL, now with blockchain, offers a more reliable and transparent environment to its customers through the controlled digitalization of their receipts. This initiative puts us at the forefront of technology because it guarantees transparency and information security, as well as accessibility”, a company spokesperson explained.

The functionality of the service has a personalized identification system; since once the person receives the payment invoice on the service, he will have access to a QR code. With said code, the user will have access to a blockchain network where he can verify his personal data and get detailed information about his electricity consumption. In this way, SEAL becomes the first service company in Peru to offer these services to customers.

It should be mentioned that in the information about the Company’s project, it is not specified which blockchain system the company uses, neither its technical characteristics.

José Málaga, who is General Manager of SEAL, commented that one of the most important things for the company is that all the information registered in the system will be recorded and cannot be deleted, only information on a client’s file can be added. This will ensure that the data is immutable within the blockchain platform, and will allow users to be more confident about their consumption.

It is believed that this is part of the Transparency Standard plan, in which the Peruvian State takes part to improve all management of information related to the services and products that the public administration controls.

Peru is one of the Latin American countries that is beginning to open up in the crypto world and blockchain technologies. Recently, an exchange house of Chilean origin, Instanz, announced that it will make updates on its systems in Peru; therefore, it is expected that it will soon exchange Soles for some cryptocurrencies. Among them, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Tether stand out.

By María Rodríguez


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