The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of people all over the world. However, it could help find a way for humanity to survive.

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home and avoid direct contact with others. This disease has taken away the rights and freedoms of more than 1,500 people worldwide, who are struggling to survive. The situation has led to the closure of businesses and the dismissal of employees, which gives signs of an uncertain future.

CEOs are resigning all over the world, risk capitalists are pulling their strings, and banks are running out of money. There are no groceries at shops and supermarkets, and people cannot even request anything through platforms like Amazon.

A growing number of patients are overwhelming hospitals, and the countries’ supply chains are broken. Some politicians are trading privileged information and investing millions of US dollars in stocks, which affects the economy in their countries.

The future consequences of the world recession and the depression due to the effects of the coronavirus seem to be much worse than the virus itself. There have been changes in people’s lives that nobody had imagined before. The reestablishment is occurring right now, but not in the way that the cryptocurrency community had expected.

This terrible pandemic has demonstrated how fragile and weak world economic systems are. Panic and fear have already destroyed some powerful economic systems that once seemed invulnerable.

However, the world can re-emerge from the ashes of the coronavirus disease and change old decadent systems, which have proven to be failures, and start rebuilding.

Best Moment for Cryptocurrencies

This is the opportunity for cryptocurrencies to show the world that there is a new and better path to follow. As the shackles of slavery stretch to save lives, the rules of past generations do not apply any longer. In this regard, some systems still struggle to keep hold of their little remaining power to continue to control the world.

This is the best moment for a decentralized future that rewards people for being efficient, doing quality work, creating value, and favoring freedom. It is time to end the economic slavery of centralized systems, which have led to destroy the potential of generations on a global scale.

It is necessary to build sustainable decentralized systems that support local communities, at the same time as they connect to the whole world. To solve this situation, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies can help build new and better systems that adapt to the needs of humanity and not only to those of a small group of people.

The cryptocurrency community has been waiting for an opportunity to put itself to the test, and they believe that it is possible to overcome this attack against humanity. In other words, the globalists’ agenda must end to give way to a decentralized future that will help everyone.

Blockchain technology is the solution to this current collapse in the world economy. It is time to take a step ahead to co-create and build a better and decentralized future.

By Alexander Salazar


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