Both companies also work on blockchain projects to prevent cyber attacks and contribute to the preservation of the environment

The Swiss cybersecurity firm WISeKey and Censof, a subsidiary of the technology group originally from Malaysia, announced an alliance to expand blockchain activities, according to a January 25th press release.

WISeKey, which focuses on authentication and secure identification using a cryptographic tool called Root of Trust, has increasingly incorporated the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies in its portfolio.

According to what the company reported, the association will establish a “Blockchain Center of Excellence” in Malaysia, and will expand the blockchain use cases available to Censof customers through its subsidiary, Cendee.

“This strategic agreement allows Censof, and in particular Cendee, to take advantage of its experience in Cybersecurity and Blockchain by combining them with WISeKey’s broad portfolio of Cybersecurity services and also strengthening Censof’s offerings among government and business customers”, said Carlos Moreno, vice president of alliances and corporate associations of WISeKey, through a press release.

This explains that the project is the last step in a series of plans for WISeKey, which has said it will build similar blockchain sites in the United States, China, India, Africa and Latin America.

“The potential benefits of Blockchain will help boost the efficiency of our customers”, added Ameer bin Shaik Mydin, Director of the Board of Directors of Censof.

Big companies are looking for better and better strategies to guarantee the security of their information. Among the reasons to promote this idea is that the robustness of cybersecurity continues to be a pressing concern for companies, after the notorious worldwide attacks that began in 2017, in particular the attacks of the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware.

At that time, WannaCry infected hundreds of large companies and state structures, and it was discovered that many of them lacked even basic security structures to defend against such concerted attacks.

Other Initiatives

Earlier this week, WISeKey announced an identity partnership based on a blockchain with the non-profit foundation dedicated to water preservation Race for Water Foundation, with the goal of reducing ocean pollution and concentration of plastic waste.

Customers, using the Race for Water App installed on their phone, will be able to scan the product and get information about it and its ecological impact if not properly recycled.

Each product has a unique digital identity. This can generate a certain amount of Plastic Tokens, a cryptocurrency developed by WISeCoin AG, a Special Purpose Vehicle created by WISeKey.

The amount of Plastic Tokens will be proportional to and indicative of the recycling efforts made over the life of the scanned plastic product. In this way, WISeKey is looking for ways how to improve security, environment, and everyday life.

By María Rodríguez


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