Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Tron, and Bitcoin Cash are going through donations to Cubans affected by the current situation in the Nation.

Some Cubans are using cryptocurrencies as an alternative to sending donations to support their countrymen in these moments of humanitarian crisis and citizen protests against the current government of Cuba.

Cubans clarified that the beneficiaries sum all citizens in the country. This news comes according to information from Coindesk, the medium that reported this news.

As reported by the media outlet, Cuban citizens started to protest against the government this month, mainly pointing to the quick escalation of the crisis that attacked the island due to the COVID-19, but the protest became political and started to aim at the government and its restrictive measures.

The economic and social crisis that has been hitting the island for more than 60 years became the main reason for the citizens to initiate protests against the current government. This situation, as some say it is the most relevant social upheaval in decades.

Coronavirus cases increased rapidly on July 9, with positive results reaching 6,422 after 3,664 the day before. Matanzas, which appears to be the most affected province, marked half of the cases in the region.  #SOSCuba and #SOSMatanzas became popular hashtags and led the trending topics in various parts of the globe.

Crypto Seems to be the Best Option

According to the situation in Matanzas, local businesswoman Thais Liset started to set strategies to aid her compatriots in that province.  According to Coindesk, she then decided that crypto donations would be the best option to bring aid to a crisis in the country due to the lack of supplies, medicines, and food.

Both Cuban YouTuber Frank el Makina and Liset received complete assistance from Erich García Cruz, a very popular Cuban crypto influencer who carries out projects such as BitRemesas and QvaPay.

These projects focus their efforts on the entry of remittances and collection in dollars by Cubans using cryptocurrencies, facilitating the procedures to aid citizens, and at the same time include them into the crypto world.

Cubans Desire to Help Each Other

The initiative started because the use of cryptocurrencies is an easy and secure method to send and receive payments from Cubans based in Cuba.  For Cubans, cryptocurrencies seem to provide the fastest way for people to make donations.

Cubans inside Cuba itself were the ones who collaborated the most. The initiative also generated a series of transactions from Cubans inside Cuba, although the number of remittances in cryptocurrencies approached a peak.

The Internet appears to be Under Restrictions

However, obstacles are impeding these donations to come to fruition. The usual internet outages on the island obstruct the proper functioning of crypto transactions. One clear proof of this situation resides in the public registry of QvaPay. No new donations have happened in days. This situation might be happening because of internet outages, and many people couldn’t use their wallets.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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