Cryptocurrencies have long since ceased to be a science fiction currency to become a reality. In recent times, even influencers talk about them, although it is true that just this year they are experiencing their first major crisis. Experts say that the climate of global uncertainty is the main culprit in its collapse.

Despite everything, the commitment to them remains firm and now it is Aena, the Spanish public company that manages the airports, which has taken another step in this direction. It has authorized a Catalan startup to place Bitcoin ATMs at aerodromes.

Aena’s Permit Details

At the moment, the permit granted applies to four ATMs: two will be at Palma airport, and the others, at Elche and Ibiza. The company in charge of this operation is Bitbase, which is defined as the largest cryptocurrency firm in Spain, as it was the winner of a public contest that it called on July 20. It was the best rated.

The Catalan startup has 97 vending machines between Spain, Portugal, and Paraguay. And most of them are in shopping centers and stores dedicated to this business. In total, there are almost 39,000 ATMs of this type in the world: 87.9 are in the US, followed by Canada and Spain, according to the CoinATMRadar website. In Spain, there would be 217 machines.

It is worth remembering that Bitcoin remains the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It was born in 2008 and was created by the Satoshi Nakamoto collective. It is the official currency in El Salvador and the Central African Republic.

Celebrities who Support Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies still seem like a shady business in the eyes of many people, although it is perfectly legal. In recent times there is a lot of distrust, a tension that has also affected celebrities who have turned to promote this business.

Names like Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow have lent their image in different promotional campaigns. The first, in fact, starred in a spot that was launched during one of the breaks of the last Super Bowl, the most watched sports show of the year in the US.

The fall in prices, however, has dragged them down and their star has lost its shine for many, who have begun to criticize these celebrities. The reaction has been mixed: Damon, for example, has chosen to remain silent and take a step back. He doesn’t talk about it at all. Witherspoon, for her part, has gone so far as to say that she spoke without knowing, come on, that she was poorly informed.

But the list of ‘celebrities’ is long: Cara Delevingne, Ellen DeGeneres, Snoop Dog, Elon Musk, Tom Brady, tennis player Naomi Osaka… In networks, they are the target of strong criticism that, in some cases, even affects their cache. And fellow professionals are also making a fool of them, like the comedian Larry David or the actor Keanu Reeves. The latter has unhesitatingly stated that digital assets “are a fraud!”

By Audy Castaneda


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