According to Lady of Crypto, November 2024 is the likely time for the next big peak for Bitcoin.

Renowned crypto investor Lady of Crypt has made bold predictions about the world of cryptocurrencies. She believes that Bitcoin will reach its next high in November 2024. Additionally, she believes that new altcoins, which could generate huge gains (up to 100 times their value), will appear between January and July 2024.

Next Bull Run

In a recent thread on X, Lady of Crypto shared some important predictions, based on her insights into crypto patterns, historical performance, and key events that influence these forecasts.

Yesterday, Lady of Crypto posted the following on X:

“When will Bitcoin break its ATH? November 2024

When will the bull run end? September 2025

When will most of the new 100x alts be released? Jan-July 2024

Why do I think this? I’ll show you below.”

While examining historical bull runs, Lady of Crypto observes a notable pattern. In 2017 and 2021, the peak of the bull market occurred exactly 29 months before the halving, and it looks like this could continue to happen.

There is a twist, though. The last three times, the lockdowns lasted 9, 9 and 11 months each. Although this time it could last longer, Lady of Crypto thinks it will likely peak around September 2025, aiming for a window of 9 to 11 months.

When BTC Will Reach ATH

Drawing parallels to the last two Bitcoin cycles, Lady of Crypto predicts that Bitcoin will hit a new all-time high about 7-8 months after the halving. Meanwhile, some people thought that a special investment called an ETF would make Bitcoin quickly jump to $100,000, but Lady of Crypto believes it will take a little more time. She sees November 2024 as the likely time for the next big peak for Bitcoin.

Additionally, Lady of Crypto recommends caution when choosing altcoins, emphasizing that cycle-defining projects are often launched a few months before and after the halving. The current period, he claims, marks the golden phase for project launches, with cryptocurrencies expected to melt between January and July 2024.

Strategic Investment Approach

Lady of Crypto further explains the following on X:

“In the last two cycles, Bitcoin broke its all-time high 7 and then 8 months after the halving. The ETF has so far not propelled BTC to 100k overnight as many assumed. I think that like the last two time, it will be 7-8 months, so, November 2024!”

“The last three bull runs lasted 9, 9 and 11 months respectively. This one could be longer but I think 9-11 months is a good target to keep in mind. I think the next run peaks around September 2025 give or take a month. Let’s talk profit-taking.”

“I’ll take partial profit slowly the whole run up. I believe that if you’re up big you should 5%-10% out to secure profit. A lot of people say “Don’t sell strength”… meh. In crypto things can go from strong to dead in hours.”

Detailing her investment strategy, Lady of Crypto plans to make profits from altcoins that experience significant rises. As the market approaches September 2025, she intends to increase profit taking, moving some funds out of cryptocurrencies and reinvesting the rest in new projects with greater growth potential.

By Leonardo Perez


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