Having digital assets makes possible to buy in sites such as Overstock, OpenBazaar and Amazon, as well as give away Gift Cards or give away wallets to store digital coins

Father’s Day is coming and some enthusiastic users of cryptocurrencies want to know where to find the ideal gift they can buy with these popular digital assets. When performing the search, it is inevitable to be surprised with the amount of options that are available at the moment.

In The United States, as well as in many countries of Latin America and Europe, Father’s Day will be celebrated next Sunday, June 16th, so it is an excellent idea to think about which gift could be given to the men of the house, since, sometimes, it is easier to know what to give to women, instead of men.

Thinking on those fathers who are enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as well as all those interested in using their digital currencies to buy products and services, there are different alternatives for each style.

Wallet for Cryptocurrencies

If giving a wallet is something traditional, and in many cases it is something very grateful, giving away a digital wallet is entering the new technological era and giving a gift as useful as the previous one.

If the householder is an enthusiast of digital currencies, an excellent idea would be to give him these devices designed for the storage of cryptocurrencies. Among the hundreds of options are Ledger NANO, Trezor or KeepKey wallets.

This hardware is one of the safest in the market today. The function of these digital wallets is to keep digital currencies safeguarded to avoid risks associated with hacking or other types of theft.


This is a P2P (peer-to-peer) platform that allows users to put items on sale and accept payments with different cryptocurrencies, among these cryptoactives are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), and many others.

At OpenBazaar, buyers and sellers come into direct contact when it comes to trading products and services, taking full advantage of the properties of blockchain technology, thanks to the easy and simple process that offers guarantees in the security of operations.


Overstock is one of the main retail chains to trade products in dozens of countries around the world. This platform allows users to make payments with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in a huge variety of products.

Overstock was one of the first platforms to accept this form of digital payments, and, since then, it has become a very popular site among Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash users, who can use their assets as a legitimate means to acquire products and services in the physical and digital market.

Electronic equipment

For those fathers who love technology, the GSM Solutions and Fast Tech firms are the most suitable to buy electronic products, cell phones and spare parts for computers with bitcoins from their online store. The platforms offer cell phones of both Apple and Android brands.

Shopping on Amazon

Although there are many methods to buy items through Amazon using digital currencies, Moon’s team recently developed an extension for web browsers that allows payments with bitcoins through Lightning Network and within the platform.

The function of this extension is to connect Coinbase accounts with platforms from different websites to make it possible to trade items and services with cryptocurrencies.

Gift cards

And to finish this small group among the thousands of options, if it is not clear what to give, but you know in which commercial chain could be the ideal gift, an option that cryptocurrency users would appreciate is the purchase of gift cards through the website Gyft.com.

The service has available gift cards for some of the most popular stores such as Apple, Google, Nintendo and Xbox Live, for which users could make their payments with Bitcoin balances through the platform.

There are many options, but the most important is to share a quality of time with that man who takes care of the family and is a guide to his son or daughter.

By María Rodríguez


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