An individual, under the pseudonym Nakamoto, sent a message to the world that led to change everything. Cryptocurrency miners have battled the virus by sharing their computing power.

The crypto ecosystem was struggling to sustain itself, amid a pandemic that was advancing with new cases of a terrible contagion. It was the deadliest virus in history and had already consumed half the world’s population.

Cremation was the norm everywhere as the number of dead bodies overwhelmed the ability of cemeteries, funeral homes, and coffin makers. The ban on public gatherings, including funerals and wakes, compounded the grief of those unable to properly mourn the death of their loved ones.

Epidemiologist Alecia Weis, who led a small scientific community working on a vaccine against the virus, sent a hopeful message to the world. “We believe that we have found the cure, but we must move forward with our research and tests,” she said.

The Organization of Nations had funded Weis’s team, but the scientists succumbed to the pressure of the organization. They had to transfer the research credits, progress, and mass-distribution rights to the organization to benefit only its member countries.

In her message, Weis had included documents showing that the reason for the accelerated spread of the virus. Instead of alerting to the danger that humanity was facing, the Organization of Nations preferred to remain silent.

The epidemiologist proved that the world’s governments had chosen to protect the production of their nations, and not expose it, despite the risk. They knew that any necessary measures would make an impact on world production and, therefore, wreak havoc on the economy.

People reacted to Weis’s announcements aggressively and immediately and wanted to share their opinions on social networks. Governments responded with more silence as she had exposed them to the world.

More people died every day and governments began to emerge from their lethargy, but the population was too stunned by so much adversity. There were public pronouncements by government authorities, but no one wanted to hear them.

Citizens took further refuge in their homes, leaving the streets empty, while authorities had no one to govern. To make matters worse, the economies collapsed and nothing seemed to make sense anymore.

An individual, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, released a new message, which the world heard. That person had created a Bitcoin fund for Dr. Alecia Weis, with a deposit of 50% of the amount that her team required to advance with the tests to find the cure against the pandemic.

The World Changed

Cryptocurrency miners lent their computing power to help the scientific team fight the virus. They needed a large number of computers connected to their server to process the simulations and calculate possible results.

It was not long when Dr. Weis announced that they had successfully tested the vaccine and mass-produced it. At that moment, they sentenced the pandemic to death.

The adoption of Bitcoin progressed by leaps and bounds and became an unstoppable force. Central banks realized that they had to get on board that trains if they did not want to disappear, so they announced their transformation process.

Large banking institutions died and neobanks emerged, giving way to a generation of strengthened dApps to support new businesses. Asset managers were born to families that needed the drive to overcome the crisis.

Until then, the world population that had survived the pandemic stayed in quarantine, as the distribution of the vaccine progressed.

Everyone, forced into social distancing due to the pandemic, wanted to know every detail about the crypto ecosystem. Families devoured YouTube videos, tutorials, interviews, and more, along with all educational content related to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The virus left a lot of pain as it passed throughout the world, but it prompted a necessary change. A world that used to criticize the crypto ecosystem before the pandemic found an ally to build a better-decentralized planet.

By Alexander Salazar


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