The next halving will happen around March 4, 2028, meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market will show changes from now on. Personalities such as: Michael Saylor, Samson Mow, Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser, Indira Kempis, Javier Bastardo and The Bitcoin Office participated. Bitcoin enthusiasts have set a similar stance, that the scarcity of BTC after the halving will cause a gradual bullish rally in the coming months.

The BTC mining rewards halving has just been completed. The next halving will happen approximately March 4, 2028. From now on the cryptocurrency market will be reconfigured.

From this important event, analysts estimated a bullish streak for the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization, from $100,000 onwards. The most enthusiastic predict a bull market for Bitcoin, altcoins, meme cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets for the remainder of the year.

Crypto Community Celebrates the Fourth Bitcoin Halving “Like Christmas”

Most Bitcoin enthusiasts have set a similar position, that the scarcity of BTC after the halving will cause a gradual bullish rally in the coming months, while skeptics have suggested caution, since before the bull market a mini bear market will happen that could scare away new optimists. However, everyone agrees that the rally will happen in the coming months “yes or yes.”

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor was one of the first to speak out after the halving and wrote in X: “840,000 ₿locks of Truth” or “840,000 thousand blocks of truth.” Until a few weeks ago, MicroStrategy held 214,245 BTC (1% of the 21 million BTC), and even had unrealized gains of $6.06 billion.

On the other hand, JAN3 CEO Samson Mow revealed on X that “Whatever Bitcoin you owned before this moment (Block 840,000), it is now twice as difficult for miners to get on the market.”

Samson Mow has been one of the main Bitcoin enthusiasts in Latin America, where he took a tour to speak personally with presidents and legislators from Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and other Central American countries.

Bitfinex’s Bitcoin Ambassador for Latam, Javier Bastardo, carried out outreach campaigns on X to talk about the halving with the talk Why It Is So Important. He even considered that the recent event has been perceived by the community as a “merry Christmas” for BTC holders.

Although the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele has not spoken so far, The Bitcoin Office has, who confirmed that the country accumulates 1 BTC per day and they celebrated Halving Day “just like every other day in Bitcoin Country.”

Maximalist Stacy Herbert celebrated the halving by citing El Salvador as a success story in adoption under the legend “El Salvador is the Bitcoin Country for a reason.”

Maximalists from Latin America Are the Most Enthusiasts for Halving

Perhaps one of the most vocal Bitcoin experts, Max Keiser, wrote on his X account. He wrote things like: “Max and Stacy were the first and the most impactful.” He even posted: “I was 100% right” about the BTC rally in recent months. This is what he wrote on April 17:

“Making Bitcoin legal tender and putting 1/2 trillion dollars’ worth of BTC in reserves has made El Salvador the only country in the world to adopt a hard money standard.

President Bukele has moved from an economy based almost exclusively on US-sponsored war, gangs, extortion and terrorism to a new economy based on the free market, entrepreneurship and a Bitcoin standard.”

By Audy Castaneda


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