Wright’s statements are a clear indication of the programmer’s lack of knowledge of the laws applicable to copyright on the digital currency.

Craig Wright, the controversial Australian programmer claiming to be the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s alias, said that he held the rights over the name “Bitcoin.” Consequently, he would force the Bitcoin.org and Bitcoin.com portals to stop using those domains.

Wright’s recent statements came as a result of a discussion on Twitter with Jihan Who, one of the creators of Bitcoin Cash and founder of the Bitmain mining company. The Australian programmer said that the Bitcoin.org and Bitcoin.com domains violated copyright laws by using the name of the main digital currency. However, the real reason seems to be that such enmity is caused by the fact that those sites openly support Bitcoin Cash.

However, some critics note that such statements by Wright are simply an indication of the programmer’s lack of knowledge regarding copyright on Bitcoin, since the project operates under an MIT license and is open source, thus having very few legal restrictions.

Wright and the White Paper

When Wright first submitted the request to the US Copyright Office, the measure aroused strong opposition from Bitcoin’s community of enthusiasts. They alleged that the Australian programmer had not presented enough evidence that he was the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s alias.

For this reason, in protest, a group of people submitted their requests to the Copyright Office, claiming to be the authentic creators of Bitcoin’s foundational document, the White Paper.

Regarding Wright’s request, the organization released a statement to clarify that it “had accepted” the programmer as he author of that document. They said that, when the Copyright Office receives a request application, the requester generally certifies the statements made in the documents presented. They also explained that the organization “does not investigate whether there is a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author.”

Craig Wright and the Court

It appears that the possibility that Wright is conducting only causes more controversy over the reputation of the Australian programmer. It should be mentioned that he already faces strong opposition from influential members and people who make life in the ecosystem of the main digital currency.

Wright is currently facing a court trial in which Ira Kleiman accuses him of illegally appropriating assets belonging to his late brother, Dave Kleiman, who was a life partner of the Australian programmer. For the moment, it seems that the legal process will end badly for Wright as the court has found inconsistencies in the allegations and evidence presented by him. It all seems to indicate that he is trying to take credit for a job that he did not do.

In recent days, Wright has raised controversy again. He presented the founding document of Bitcoin before a reputed international scientific journal (SSRN), claiming to be the author of the White Paper and version 1.0 of the digital currency code. For the time being, the SSRN team has not accepted or rejected the request, stating that it will only check if the publication follows the research lines supported by the portal.

By Willmen Blanco


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