A Brazilian mayor’s office takes the initiative to implement education about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ether were chosen because they are the most capitalized cryptocurrencies.

It was reported that Petropolis City Hall took the lead by promoting a course about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Besides, several training courses will be offered, including basic computer science in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) of that city in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

In this way, Petropolis Mayor’s Office hopes to train its population in subjects related to science and technology. Courses will be offered to people over 12, who will not have to pay for training.

The City Hall informed that more than 100 people registered in 2019 for the courses. In 2020, greater participation of the population is expected, estimated at almost 200 thousand people, according to IBGE 2010. The city of Petropolis, located north of Rio de Janeiro, is considered a tourist place.

Training in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Undoubtedly, the new digital economy has already attracted the attention of the rulers of Brazil and the world. Composed of digital currencies, mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the most capitalized, the cryptocurrency economy arouses interest.

Since it is a novelty of 2020, Petropolis Mayor’s Office said that it will offer lessons on cryptocurrencies. The subject will be discussed in the third module of the course on financial education.

The initiative highlights the Petropolis City Hall as it is not common for a public body in Brazil to place this issue in the guidelines of courses offered to the population. Instructor Carlos Daniel Montes said that the course will address the basic concepts of technology.

The courses will deal with the main virtual currencies, virtual currency mining, its history, and how to acquire and market these currencies in virtual exchange houses.

In the cryptocurrency community, there is an extensive debate about the attributes as a medium of exchange and reserve of value for these digital assets. Bitcoin as money would have both features, but some people criticize the aspects of value reserve. A medium of exchange is a way of using money as an intermediate reference in a transaction.

Examples of this debate are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, which emerged after it was stated that Bitcoin would only be a medium of exchange. However, the currency would rather be a reserve of value with little use as a medium of exchange, according to its creators.

For Petropolis Mayor’s Office, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are means of exchange. As far as it is concerned, Blockchain-based technology would be responsible for validating and recording transactions made in public networks.

To summarize, the course offered by the CERT contemplates the teaching of disruptive technology. Also, the concepts addressed show that students will be trained in technology, beyond the price speculation that this market involves.

Petropolis City Hall is not the one promoting the initiative linked to cryptocurrency education. Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, launched a university research program focused on blockchain to develop solutions in the industry. The Brazilian Government increasingly considers the adoption of blockchains and the contributions of their technology.

By Alexander Salazar


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