Corpoelec would obey “superior orders,” according to a miner. Mining farm owners are summoned to a meeting in Caracas.

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment of Carabobo State, Venezuela, was disconnected by managers of the state electric company, Corpoelec, in compliance with “superior orders.”

“On the weekend, I received information that the same people from Corpoelec were shutting down and disconnecting the mines in Carabobo. Bitcoin mining in Carabobo was turned off for everyone. I do not know of anyone who has it on,” said this informant.

He assures that he does not know if only the computers of those who are registered as miners were disconnected, or also those people who lack the corresponding authorization, but that the government managed to detect their activity.

This individual also presented a statement from the Ministry for Popular Power for Electric Energy (MPPEE) and the Sectoral Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services (VPSOPS), in which the owners of mining farms are summoned to a meeting. This will take place on November 19 at 4 PM in the theater of the Military Academy of Fuerte Tiuna, Caracas.

The goal of the meeting, in which MPPEE and Corpoelec officials will take part, is to design the connectivity procedure to the National Electric System (SEN) and the rate to tabulate the payments. It is clarified that only the people who were summoned should enter.

“If we do not attend this massively, we will not have enough force to demand our rights,” warned another miner in a message that he forwarded to his colleagues. «I ask, please, that we all accompany each other on this new journey.  If we go through unity and togetherness, it will strengthen us allow us to move forward, “he added.

At the meeting, in addition to the owners of mining equipment, the president of Corpoelec, José Betancourt; the vice president, Juan Romero; the finance manager, Vianney Rojas; the distribution manager, Francisco Marti; the marketing manager, Morela González; the legal consultant, Alejandro Carrasco; and the functional authority of Carabobo, Jesús Arcadio.

Currently, cryptocurrency mining in Venezuela is legal. For this, miners must apply for a license in the Comprehensive Registry of Miners (RIM). Also, the creation of a National Digital Mining Pool is underway, which will seek to bring together all miners who are in Venezuelan territory.

By: Jenson Nuñez.


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